Monday, March 26, 2012

opulent fetishism

there is a phrase i like to use when referring to something that is So Rich, So Decadent, So Opulent, So Sickening, that it reaches an apex of greatness. that phrase is "Vienetta Status." derived from the original supermarket ice cream dessert that exploited middle class aspirationalism, i use it to mean when a lily is so gilded that it goes BEYOND EVERYTHING such that everyone is necessitated to raise their crystal serving dishes up for seconds.

and so it is with Eleven Objects' Fall 2012 collection. this season the ladies have added ready-to-wear to their already cramazing collection of collars and sleeves, and the inspiration for the pieces is everything i can get on board with. juxtaposing gold-leaf, brocades, and fur with fetish touches like patent leather and latex, it's the kind of mix that i aspire to every day. that look that says, i'm a busy career woman on the go in the boardroom but i'm a freak in the bedroom. you know, JUST LIKE ME.

anyways, i've had these photos from their presentation that Laia styled that have been dying to see the light of day:  


the pearl harness KILLS me, and the gold-leafed latex peplum makes me want to add visual interest to my child-bearing hips. 

i went to the studio last Friday to put in a personal order for a collar (STAY TUNED TO SEE WHICH ONE) and finally got to try on a pearl harness and i'm kind of thinking it's totally necessary?

correct or incorrect? it is kind of like my own personal version of isabella rosselini's costume from "Death Becomes Her", no?

anyways, if you haven't already gotten WAY INTO IT, GET WAY INTO IT. one slice is never enough.



TOTALLY NECESSARY. I love the sound of a patent leather collar... and the gold one looks fabulously decadent too. Hmmm.... can you persuade them to come over to London for me please!

laia. said...

omg to pearl harness maybe you do need. maybe you wear with those acne hole-y shorts or something? TOO MUCH?

anywho, i am just glad i know what VIENETTA STATUS means

john said...

i'm honestly so breathless @ vienetta status. oh-my-goddess.

@toomanyronis said...

All any of us can ever do is aspire to Vienetta Status.

robert said...

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TheShoeGirl said...

I love:

A) you

B) Death Becomes Her.


Sean said...

love it! said...

AMAZING !!!!!!!!

The '91 Ridges Club.