Sunday, August 14, 2011

fresh slices

i've been shopping at thrift stores since i was in middle school, and this was back in the days when you could still find classic ringer t-shirts and shit and everyone was into that 90s-70s shit (ps. i just read that NYT magazine article on nostalgia where they were saying no one in the 90s had nostalgia and i'd just like to point out the RELENTLESS nostalgia for 70s pop culture, i mean, DUH, they did a whole record of indie rock covers of school house rock jams), so i've amassed a huge gaping maw of a collection of vintage t-shirts.

but for a while, i was really post-t-shirt. i was more into no-logo'd, anonymous clothing and the ironic t-shirt was JUST SO VERY. but a t-shirt doesn't have to be ironic if you truly truly love the subject matter with all of your heart. and so it is that i have been on an insane ebay jag, picking up t-shirts for things i truly, truly love. like peter savile designed new order imagery, the new mutants (i bought ANOTHER one), Miss Diana Ross, and moto-cross (ok, maybe this one is slightly ironic).
these new additions fit in really nicely with other t-shirts i've recently pulled from the vault, like my prized balenciaga scuba collection t-shirt (for which i paid $20 at the end of the season) and my vintage proto-Givenchy golden retriever t-shirt. the only thing i've been wanting to wear lately is a simple uniform of a nice fitting t-shirt and pleated shorts, which is maybe why i haven't felt so inspiring as to post in a while. but HERE YOU GO!! take what you can get out of me. (i was planning to do this post even before i saw jane's, but we are on TWIN VIBEZ CUZ YOU ARE MY HEART, GHURL).

now, to find a good condition Designing Women t-shirt, and i can retire on the satisfaction dividends of my 401Gay.

Monday, August 1, 2011

i like my shorts short and my face in a bow

so i don't get to take a real vacation this summer, but i had already bought some marc by marc jacobs tiny swim shorts so i use every chance i get to get as wet as possible. that includes swimming in scummy ponds and running through sprinklers with my niece.

they have zippers that go ALL THE WAY UP THE SIDE. it's like seditionaries does trackpant swim trunks in Provincetown (the tiny pocket is for individual-serve packs of lube and bottleso f poppers). pretty into them.

one day, i will go on real vacation and get to relax for once in my life. until then, i'll settle for hanging out with my niece in my slutty swim trunks whenever possible.