Thursday, June 30, 2011

i just can't get enough shopahol

so i've had a pretty rough couple weeks at work, and i've been salving my wounds by purchasing things i don't need. like going to bergdorf's at lunch today and getting this dries van noten windowpane tie to go with my dries van noten windowpane shirt (also bought a t-shirt by the row that kinda fits perfectly?). at this point, bergdorf's should just send me e-mail alerts whenever any graphic dries comes into the store.

i think i may need someone to recommend me an effective recovery program. but LOOK HOW PRETTY!!!!!!!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011

small time sensuality

a moment of weakness overtook me while i was in the office at work on saturday and i went to bergdorf's and ransacked the Dries van Noten section. i basically bought everything that fit me because it was 40% off and i work hard as a busy working mom on the go and i deserve something nice for ONCE IN MY GODDAMN LIFE (ok, not quite true as i buy myself anything i want as soon as i see it, BUT STILL)!

so here are two things that i'm very excited to wear into the ground, both on the more demure side of slutty.

(1) dries-through shirt: i'm a HUGE fan of see-through shirts. i have a dries one i bought at the warehouse sale a while back and i wore the fuck out of it last summer. this seemed like a natural progression of my foreverlove of dries windowpaning, and the slutty freedom of partially visible nipples:
dries windowpane shirt / cut-off patrik ervell shorts / sambas

plus, it kinda makes my pecs look amazing, no? (sidenote: i started personal training and i bought a tub of protein powder. WHO THE FUCK AM I?)

(2) this dries van noten does Seditionaries-prep sweater: they say that the shoulder is the #1 erogenous zone on guys right after the dick head, the dick shaft, the balls, the taint, the prostate. well, i'm sure someone says that.
dries slutty shoulder sweater / acne x lanvin shorts / h&m fake jil sander bag / sambas

i also bought a bunch of other stuff that i'll show off on my haul vlog, JKS JKS JKS!!!