Monday, February 28, 2011

the every day

someone asked me what i wear everyday in my normal work life, because, yes, it's hard to imagine a busy career woman-on-the-go like me wearing balenciaga mongolian lamb bomber jackets and luxury jewelry collars dripping in swarovski crystals and butter knives to work, i'm sure.

to be honest, i'm a pretty boring every day dresser. mostly uniqlo basics + the occasional vintage/designer piece mixed in to give myself that satisfying feeling of superiority over other people on my morning commute. since i'm such a jacket fiend (my light coat collection is devastating), lately i've taken to layering up on some of my lighter jackets i only get to wear in the spring/fall to get more use out of them.

Business Outfits + Bemis 010
dries van noten blazer / theory puffer jacket / jil shoes / WANT bag / marc jacobs fur gloves / uniqlo uniqlo uniqlo

Business Outfits + Bemis 002
thrift peacoat / vintage wrangler jean jacket / uniqlo uniqlo uniqlo / jil sander shoes

see? i can be a basic bitch, too. i'm VERSATILE that way. (j/k, total dom top here).

pretty boring, i know. but sometimes you have to pretend to have no personality in order to afford to buy things that will outwardly fool people into thinking you have a personality on the weekends. that last sentence should go in bartlett's.

ps. bet you didn't know i lived in a Hoarders-style hovel!!

Friday, February 25, 2011

i missed my kid's little league games and now he listens to evanessence

i haven't really left my office in the last week, so there's nothing interesting to note. so i'll leave you with pictures from (of) my cell.
(new happy socks from Gilt)

i'll be interesting again soon, i promise. and i'll be at your ballet recital for sure.

ps. i bought that stuffed hawk on ebay for my aaliyah costume last year but i decided against it (too soon!!).

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The State that I am In

He decided that he should follow every arrow he saw (mostly on street signs, sometimes spray painted on the sidewalk) until he saw another one, like some kind of Yoko Ono Fluxus piece, until he was as far away from where he was supposed to be as he could get, though he had a suspicion that the universe of arrows would conspire to lead him right back to his office. This suspicion (that his fate was such that he should continue to lead an anonymous existence of misery for the rest of his life) was what held him back from Eat[-ing], Pray[-ing], Love[-ing], like every other privileged white collar drone turned urban farmer/yogi/cheesemaker he had read about in the New York Times magazine for the last 35 years.

This suspicion, together with an inherent disdain for outwardly narcissistic bourgeois pigs following their bliss and his belief (that, for some reason, he attributed to his Catholic upbringing) that things that are hard (e.g. advanced degrees in the sciences, law, or medicine; jobs with 401ks) were more noble than things that are easy (e.g. anything that makes you happy), led him to conclude that everyone was meant to be miserable, as a baseline state of being, and that he should do as little as possible to rock the boat. Who was he to question universal equilibrium?

Then along came Polly.

Outfits and Prabal 013
Outfits and Prabal 015
balenciaga leather jacket / thrift cable knit sweater / +J uniqlo khakis

Monday, February 14, 2011

eleven objects

one of my favorite people on earth, chrissy rhee, just started a AMAZING accessories line with her friend linh thi, called eleven objects. and for my birthday they were kind enough to give me one of their amazing collars which i wore to the prabal show on saturday.
Outfits and Prabal 032
Outfits and Prabal 029
Outfits and Prabal 027
eleven objects collar / APC denim shirt / jil sander leather jacket / DIY sleeveless adolfo jacket 

the detail work on this is AMAZING. the material is metallic threaded and it's just SWAMPED with this insane hardware (roses, wind-up keys, tiny scissors, fortune cookies) and swarovski crystals. people were FLIPPING OUT over it. like street snappers at lincoln center SWARMED and multiple strangers on the train approached me to ask me about it, which is awesome cuz YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE (male) ATTENTION.

i'm so psyched for them. go check them out!!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

prabal fall 2011

i was lucky enough to get invited to the prabal gurung fall '11 show. ever since his debut presentation a couple seasons ago, he's been one of the few designers i don't automatically skip when skimming through fashion week slideshows. so i was psyched to actually get to see the clothes in person.

the wooly nubby sweater dressing was SO good and liu wen rocked the shit out of these dresses. the texture contrasts were fantastically done without hitting you over the top with "HARD/SOFT" dichotomies. while it was mostly a flowy situation, there was always an element of restraint that kept everything in check.

unfortunately, my own pictures of the show turned out like pooh:
Outfits and Prabal 052a

but luckily my picture of hilary alexandar getting interviewed 3 rows in front of me turned out!
Outfits and Prabal 035

WERK at that russian aristoCAT look.

ALSO: was sitting a couple rows behind le ALT (the french one, not the black one) and was sitting next to some junior members (i think) of the french vogue team. one of them was texting someone "Emanuelle is currently REALLY into ____" which i couldn't make out because i was already being SUPER CREEPER STATUS spying on someone's text message. also, spotted every editor ever (tim blank in the 2nd row for some reason?).

FOREVER THANK YOUS to tyler and danielle at prabal! heart you both with a hard-on that may never stop.

Friday, February 11, 2011

the new karlie kloss

i was inspired to make a gif this morning. please enjoy.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

my own private

i don't usually have very many detail shots of my outfits because i don't have my own personal photographer following me around with an SLR and i feel weird asking people to take photos of my outfits. but when i'm traveling with someone, i have no problem forcing them to take whatever ridiculous pictures i want, because, y'know, MEMORIES!

so when zach and i visited the wigsphere, nee sunsphere, i was able to force him take ridiculous photos of me and i noticed that they are a lot better lit for details than my usual blurry mirror shots, meaning you can finally see the tiny little hat that i'm always wearing. also: i've taken to wearing 2(x)ist wifebeaters, DON'T JUDGE ME.
jil sander leather / thrift trench / 2(x)ist tank / tiny hat

the sunsphere looking ominous in the background:

in addition, i was able to conscript zach into taking ridiculous pictures of me in a pretentious art space that looks like a rejected location from the covershoot of "upstairs at eric's."

this is all just to say that, obviously, i love pictures of myself because i'm VAIIIINNNNNNNN.

ps. the exhibit we saw at the art space was actually pretty good. it featured this kinda brilliant dance piece set in ultra slow motion that i'm pretty smitten with:

Monday, February 7, 2011

oh, you!

there is nothing i love better than european people's old crap:

god, you're all such weirdos. and slightly racist? <3 you.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

how will you make it on your own?

hi guys! sorry no posts for a while but i'm abroad right now. please enjoy my trying to recreate the opening for the mary tyler moore show.

i'll be back posting soon. this blog might just make it after all!