Saturday, September 3, 2011

kennebunkport realness

i am visiting my sisters and niece up east so i decided to dress like a white person (it only seemed natural). we went peach picking and hit up some tag sales.
gap dip dye shirt / patrik ervell cutoffs / sambas / thrift sunglasses

and as much as i make fun of heritage bloggers as the retarded circle jerk boys' club bane of my existence and blame them for the fetishization and further enshrinement of a ridiculous nostalgia for a time when white male privilege was even more rampant, unchecked, and harmful than it is today, even i cannot pass up a vintage leather suitcase for $8 (marked down from $10).

i will probably just use it to hold all of my 70s 80s era bareback interracial gay pornography, just as a way to recontextualize it. other ideas?


kittenmasks said...

I love your wit.
You should also throw in a bunch of Obama 08 stickers, maybe a few photos of the Obamas in front of the White House, in the White House, etc. in there as well.

Susie said...

luv u. perfect shirt. perfect summary of heritage disdain.