Monday, July 18, 2011

hello Chanel!

i won't apologize any more for not ever updating this blog and i definitely won't apologize to anyone who saw a flash of my gorgeous areola when i was wearing this fake Chanel t-shirt i turned into a slutty homo tank this weekend.
thrift Chanel t-shirt / thrift camp shorts / eleven objects citrus yellow collar / sambas


love y'all!!!!

ps. i started personal training a couple weeks ago so all i ever want to talk about is protein powder shakes (cold brewed iced coffee + chocolate muscle milk powder = my FOREVER JAM) and scapulary contraction. this may also account for my renewed interested in wearing inappropriately revealing clothing. just wait it out, i'm sure it'll fade.


jesse.anne.o said...

cold brewed coffee + anything = love

George G said...

Also, whey protein powder + skim milk + a sliced frozen banana = creamy post-workout goodness.

boyhood home said...

I've really enjoyed eleven objects' mens resort, especially the product shots at the gym. top notch stuff and the greatest inspiration I've seen recently for working out. WORK IT POLIOPOLIOPOLIO

Andrew said...

hmmmmmm digging the shirt a lot
and that collar looks oddly familiar ;)

E. Harness said...

YES! LOL I fucking love it!

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