Monday, May 30, 2011

floral double

so my baby sister just graduated from grad school and now has a title and everything! i'm so proud of her and all her hard work and i'm so glad that she had an amazing graduation, particularly because it let me wear my jil sander shirt all day the other day (LOOK, I'M EVEN SELFISH WHEN I'M BEING CONGRATULATORY, SORRY, OK?).

we walked around early in the day taking photos around the city so i wore my shortest, sluttiest, formal shorts:
cut-off patrik ervell shorts / jil sander floral shirt / acne x tretorn mesh sneakers

then it was time for the ceremony and i put it under a suit:
jil sander suit / jil sander shoes

congratulations, lil' c! you did a great job and all your hard work paid off. YOU ARE AN ADULT NOW! and i'll miss you when you move away.


ps. can you tell that the posing thing runs in the family?


Andrew said...

damn, those are your sluttiest formal shorts? When I sit down in mine you can't even tell I'm wearing pants lol

this is adorable
congrats to your sister!!

Mordrian said...

Louis Vuitton, Spring 2011, Menswear? I dont like....i LOVE!