Friday, April 15, 2011

Meghan Collison, Meghan Collison

meghan collison's new hair and general look of numbness is striking some major Louise Lasser in Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman realness.


i mean, this is kinda everything.

ps. if you don't know, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman was this AMAZING absurdist no laugh track sitcom soap opera from the 70s. see clip below.

pps. how Carven is Louise Lasser's wardrobe?


randellzirkle said...

i would love to see this episodes come back on thr air just to bring back the 70's for me and my brothers and all the maryhartman freaks out thier.

randellzirkle said...

this program was one of the funniest out thier when i was growing up it also the memories like wecomebackcotter i can set back and just laugh mybutoff