Thursday, March 24, 2011

what's the DEAL with functioning testicles?

i've been REALLY REALLY into these seinfeld-wash jeans i bought at the flea market last summer. the guy who was selling them looked like a former west village early 90s homo, the kind who would wear these jeans with an original ACT UP t-shirt and maybe one tiny hoop earring and would listen to house music and the talking heads, an archetype that would be lampooned on the kids in the hall Steps sketch (AKA MY HOMO TIME CAPSULE IDEAL).

flea market jeans / raf simons x fred perry net polo / acne oversized sweater
happy socks / thrift brogues / tiny hat

they're DIY tailored pretty narrow and short and patched up in the crotch so i know that dude got a lot of use out of them. they're also the tightest jeans i own (not skinniest, but tightest, like ball-crushingly tight) and kinda uncomfortable to wear, but i love them? they even give me, the assless wonder, a little bit of LIFT AND SEPARATION. and i LIKE THAT.

but most importantly, i like the wash. it feels so much fresher than dark denim right now. it's a wash that my friends at court like to call the "babysitter wash" which is so perfect.

i'm thinking i'm gonna really go for it for west village gay 90s for spring/summer 2011. i have so many billow-y t-shirts and tight polos to wear with these + the tiny little hat. been looking for vintage gay pride t-shirts on ebay, too. if you see one let me know!

ps. in case you didn't know, STEPS WAS A REAL PLACE!!

pps. elaine is the best.


laia. said...

I have two pairs of jeans in this kinda wash, one's a pair of gap modern bootcut that are at least 10 years old and still fit me despite no other jeans from that time period fitting me. the others are acne so they're not as legit BUT totally awesome spring jawn.

eek. that was a long comment.

Westopher said...

I love the "babysitter wash" ... wearing some right now in fact with big holes on the knees. They're just so perfectly casual yet fresh and spring-y. (P.S. heart the tiny hat)

Andrew said...

k this is so simple but soooooo so fucking good