Saturday, March 12, 2011

the difference a day makes

even in my buttoned up corporate job, i don't often have to wear a suit. but i had a big meeting on thursday and got to put on my business drag.
Suit and 008
jil sander suit / uniqlo shirt / vintage yves saint laurent rep tie / jil shoes

but the next day was friday and the first warm day we had in a long time so i decided to fuck the dress code and wear jeans and sneakers to work (DON'T WORRY, I KEEP WORKSLACKS AND DIOR HOMME DRESS SHOES IN MY OFFICE BEHIND SOME GLASS IN CASE OF EMERGENCY). plus i never get to wear this lanvin jacket ever and i think that's a shame.
Suit and 013
uniqlo jeans / j. crew shirt / lanvin trench / sambas

see? i can go from zero to faggot in 24 hours (even less if i have advance notice). i'm just that special.

ps. check the elastic detail on the back on the trench. when i walk, it makes the jacket blow like i'm constantly in the matrix. i know kung fu (thanks to chrissy for the reminder).


blackenedblue said...

I do believe that it was Courtney that said that watching you work was like that scene from the matrix when Keanu (!!!) says, "I know kung fu." You are seriously giving executive realness.

laia. said...

no one does it like you.

c said...

aw yyeah

is it out of line to ask what your corporate work is? is it out of line to ask what product you use to get that slick shine?

Maria said...

the trench is cool!