Thursday, March 17, 2011

weather changes mood

i am usually VERY good at waiting until things go at least 60% off before buying something, but i REALLY REALLY REALLY need a giant oversized jil sander flower plastered to my chest. like i think i'm going to go to jil sander this weekend.

but do i get the button down?

or the t-shirt?

on the one hand, i think i would wear the t-shirt more. on the other hand, i think i like the idea of a slightly more formal floral shirt. I AM SO NATALIE IMBRUGLIA TORN RIGHT NOW!!


EDIT: i should add that i'm drawn to the blue flower (seems more peter saville to me?)


John said...

obvi the shirt!!!!

i started to breathe heavy after noticing the button colors.

Megan Hattie said...

Can you get the t-shirt with the other colored flower and the button-down with the other colored flower? Or is each flower the only choice for each style? Personally I'm crazy 'bout the red flowered button-down. Good luck with your decision :)


A Better Roni said...

Button down button down button down!

Izzy said...

button-down without a doubt. I think the multicolored tonal buttons are a great touch.

Sunshine said...

that button down is so slick. no question.

Cezary Ck Koralewski said...

The shirt is the right choice, it is to kill for!

I'd love to sport it with a black formal suit for semiformal situations.

Cara said...

the shirt!

Andrew said...

the button down!!

jamee dyches. said...

I like the t-shirt better, for sure. It seems more your style.

Anonymous said...

I laugh every time I read your blog! SO damn FUNNY!
Keep up the good work!!

TheShoeGirl said...

BUTTOWN DOWN gets my panties in a bunch! YAW! <3

You'll look amaze in either.


pachuco hands said...

I thought DMX was in jail.