Friday, February 25, 2011

i missed my kid's little league games and now he listens to evanessence

i haven't really left my office in the last week, so there's nothing interesting to note. so i'll leave you with pictures from (of) my cell.
(new happy socks from Gilt)

i'll be interesting again soon, i promise. and i'll be at your ballet recital for sure.

ps. i bought that stuffed hawk on ebay for my aaliyah costume last year but i decided against it (too soon!!).


Izzy said...

"from (of) my cell"--cheeky

Susie said...

omg i was gonna be aaliyah this year for halloween too!! but i did not think to get a bird!! i didn't think it's too soon, i just knew no one where i live would "get it".

just revisited that video and i'm thinking i may have to go forth on halloween 2011. by then i should be able to do it with my real hair and everything.