Saturday, January 22, 2011

leather sleeves


after seeing this image from marni f/w 2011, i knew something had to be done, and that something involved going to the thrift store as soon as possible, buying a wool coat, and cutting off the sleeves so i could wear a leather jacket under it. (this is how normal minds work, right?)

so i hauled ass to the thrift store this morning and bought this lovely adolfo coat that happened to be almost exactly the same color as the marni coat?! score. although it was a bit longer (i call this length columbine-length), it had a kind of philip lim does celine vibe that really drew me in.

i quickly set about the task of cutting off the sleeves, which involved turning it inside out and, since i didn't have a seem ripper, using an exacto knife to cut out the stitching. then i pinned down the fabric and stitched it up using the rudimentary stitching skills i learned in 7th grade in home ec.
DIY Leather Sleeves 012a

i ironed and steamed it down after i finished:
DIY Leather Sleeves 013a

and so, a couple hours later, voile!
DIY Leather Sleeves 015a
worn with Jil Sander leather jacket / uniqlo heat tech top / ksubi jeans / sambas

i bought two other coats (a trench and a black car coat) that i plan on doing next. can't wait to try wearing it with my jean jackets as well. so psyched!!

nb: sorry the color looks different in every photo. my photo skills are JANK.


BJCG said...

Wearing it that way actually makes it all a lot cleaner than the original.

laia. said...

ugh, i cant believe i didnt think of doing something like this before!
i am DEFINITELY going to try this!

laia. said...

it looks AWESOME.

blackenedblue said...


Anonymous said...


wool and misc said...

i like your version better!

Izzy said...

awesome job! and the coat is a very good find.

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

thanks, izzy! coming from a real crafter like you, that's a true compliment!

May Kasahara said...

OMG can I commission one from you. DAG YO.

passionlessfashion said...

unbelievable; well done.

thanks for the inspiration,

Mat said...

you did an amazing job, looks ace