Monday, January 31, 2011


my good friend bec brittain (who i've known, BTW, since i was a wee underage thing sneaking whiskey in a 12 oz coke bottle into Lit on Tuesday nights back in the summer of 2001?) invited me over for summer cocktails this weekend (drinking out of a coconut makes life a little more bearable) and i spotted some of the new stuff she's working on. let me just say, this shit is RIDICULOUS.

she handcrafts her own LEATHER ROPE then constructs knotted harnesses and necklaces with this amazing, amazing, CUMMAZING hardware. it's so vintage helmut lang meets marquis de sade meets luxe sailor, i can't even.

the lovely mrs. brittain:

some detail shots:

and one more necklace:

ugh, SO GOOD. more images on her website here. you can get them at Assembly or the Future Perfect in williamsburg. i guarantee you that i'm going to commission the fuck out of her to make me something amazing. this goes so well with my leather daddy stevedore look, i can't even.

i'm going to be her number one cheerleader right now, i have to say. i want to be seeing this shit EVERYWHERE. if you have any questions about them, just ask and i'll pass them along. yay!!!


Kira Lilly said...

her designs are amazing!

my fashion blog Kira Lilly

Flossie, Monster Munch Blog said...

I love this! She has talent wow love love love. It looks really professional famous designery!
FLossie xx

blackenedblue said...

those are soo good!!

Brad Fallon said...

Nice necklace. It's so unique.