Tuesday, November 30, 2010


ok, i started a tumblr.

i know, i don't understand either.

Friday, November 26, 2010

here comes the sweater called cable!


lately all i've been wanting to wear is cable-knit sweaters. big, giant, oversized cable-knit sweaters. but, me being me, i've been trying to take the vanilla WASP kennebunkport heritage blogger retarded context away from them, so i've been trying to wear them overlyslouchy or with some other kind of edge. basically, i've been trying to wear them WAY GAYER. so...

leather daddy stevedore:
uniqlo sweater / harness / ksubi jeans / thrift trench / sambas

chinese immigrant who only knows about hip-hop through fourth-run 80s american sitcoms.
thrift sweater / thrift missoni coat / uniqlo jeans / sambas / sequined baseball cap

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

snug as a bug in a drug rug

hey guys,

guess what? it's finally cool enough for me to break out my baja i bought a couple months back! BAJA WEATHER!!
thrift baja + jacket / 2(x)ist tank (DON'T JUDGE ME) / ksubi jeans / dries shoes / thrift sunglasses

i'm gonna go eat some cool ranch doritos now and play some disc golf round a bonfire. BYEEEEEEEE!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

look, i know how to read, OK?

so i've been OBSESSING over this book "6+ Antwerp Fashion" on the antwerp 6 that served as a kind of catalog for an exhibit in tokyo. having caught a glimpse of it here and here, i was ready to up and buy the shit out of it, but i could only find it for $700 and up. so i went to the main branch of the library (the one with the lions!) and checked it out, partly to see if that would be sufficient to sate my desperate shoplust to buy it as an early birthday present to myself and partly to see if it was so good that i had to buy it as an early birthday present to myself.

the book was basically PERFECT for someone who LOVES time capsules and archives. tons of newspaper and magazine clippings from the time when the antwerp 6 and their belgian contemporaries were coming out. i spent HOURS reading it. seriously.

anyways, for both of our benefits, i took a shit ton of pictures of the book and here are some of them:

6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 017

invitation to the original antwerp 6 show (look how cute Dries, Ann, and Walter are!):
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 028

antwerp 6 glamour shots:
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 032
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 033

dirk van saene:
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 024

early demeulemeester and marina yee:
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 029
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 023

early dries van noten:
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 020

DREAMBOAT VAN NOTEN (oops, i returned the book with these pages sticking together):
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 030
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 036

walter van beirendonck is AMAZING:
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 031
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 041

early margiela collections:
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 042
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 039
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 040

rare picture of martin margiela:
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 022

raf simons a/w 97-98:
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 045

bernhard willhelm:
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 044

jurgi persoons (MY NEW FAVORITE):
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 046

Dries the King:
6+ Antwerp Fashion and Outfits 048

and if this wasn't enough picture, please enjoy the rest of them in the slideshow below.

Friday, November 19, 2010

where the fuck is magik?!

ok, i'm pretty STUPIDLY excited by this vintage new mutants t-shirt i won on ebay for a ridiculous amount of money.

the only way i can justify the amount of money i spent on this shirt is: (1) i fucking LOVE the new mutants. like to an incredibly stupid degree, (2) i've NEVER seen a new mutants t-shirt in all my years of searching on ebay/the internet, so it must be pretty rare, right? right?

SO SO SO PSYCHED!! also, some harry nilsson i've been playing over and over and over again since i saw this documentary on him for your friday:

ruffo club

was reminded how good ruffo research was from this la collectionneuse find. just as a primer, ruffo research was basically a design laboratory arm of an italian (italian?) leather label wherein they gave the creative reigns to up-and-coming designers with hard to spell names including: raf simons, veronique branquinho, sophia kokasaoiseralkseaki, riccardo tisci, and haider ackermann.

i'm having a hard time tracking down any pictures of the raf collection, but the haider stuff from spring 2003 is ON POINT:

also, look at this ADORABLE picture of raf simons when he was just a BABY from 1999 Dutch:


Thursday, November 18, 2010

accio glamour!

hi guys! i have a new post up on videogum about how to look JUST LIKE everybody's favorite teen witch EMMA WATSON. maybe you go check it out? thanks!

Monday, November 15, 2010

in case you doubted how gaytarded i am...

Burlesque! 020a

i cannot tell you how psyched i am for this piece of trash coming out. it is going to be showgirls, pg-13. i hope there is a brutalizing fully clothed sex scene in a kiddy pool.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

mean falsetto

i love chinatown at night.
thrift gap shirt / thrift trench / a77 jeans / sambas

excellent karaoke with friends + spooky streetlight vibes + ciara poses = ideal friday night

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

la cabina (1972)

i'm just going to put this weird 35 minute spanish surrealist movie (i won't give away anything) right here for you to watch in your due time. it's great and i don't have much more to say about it, except that, though i know you all (and i) have the attention span of approximately 30 seconds, you should watch it.

Friday, November 5, 2010

everything i talk about i talk about with you

two things:

(1) i got a pair of solid gold sunglasses at the thrift store and i'm so so so psyched on them.


the lenses are gold, the frames are gold, and they give me the feeling of the mykita x bernhard willhelm sunglasses but without the cheeseball vomitous connotations of being featured in a sex and the city sequel. the shape is classic and perfect.

also, i have great clavicles.

(2) this weekend i'm going to see GUIDED BY FUCKIN' VOICES so in celebration here are a bunch of fantastic gbv/bob pollard songs.

as we go up, we go down

game of pricks

echos myron

unleashed! the large-hearted boy

people are leaving

so so so psyched!! it's my teenboy dream come true!!

mr. andrea zuckerman

hi guys! i have a new post up on videogum about how to get the hautest looks from 90210!! please have a look-see.

nb: my first e-mail address, true story, was mrandreazuckerman@hotmail.com