Thursday, September 30, 2010

another thing that happened this weekend

so i bought a harness. not one of those really expensive ones you have to get fitted for but some cheap off-the-rack thing. i've been wanting to buy one for a while to wear over button down shirts and suit jackets or crew-neck sweater and khakis. you know how much i love a good high/low juxtaposition.

thrift tank / cut-off patrik ervell shorts / cut-rate leather harness / sambas

i didn't wear it to folsom because that'd be so EXPECTED. instead, i wore it to j.crew and anthropologie with my friends emma and lisa and was generally really pleased with myself.

my friends are starting to think i'm actually getting into leather and sadomasochism (judging from this, this, and this), but i really just like the aesthetic and think it's funny. i say this now, and later i will be wearing a leather mask with zippers over the eyes and mouth and pairing it with an APC blazer because i like the idea of it. HAHAHA. (i kinda actually do like the idea of that).

ps. my favorite s&m related black college marching band song of all time.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

aka Verhoeven at 10,000 feet.

i call this piece, "Videochatting with my little sister on a plane while she watches Showgirls and I am in hysterics (I and II)" Mixed Electronic Media, 2010.




Monday, September 27, 2010

i let my friend borrow my chaps

this is the true story of me and my friend (let's call him devon) and how we went to folsom this weekend.

San Francisco Treat 029
San Francisco Treat 035
San Francisco Treat 027
San Francisco Treat 034

that last picture is my current favorite picture in the world.

ps. he is wearing the chaps that i bought at the thrift store a couple posts back.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

america's next top ebay model

angora underwear: so necessary (not necessary at all).

i can just imagine the photoshoot now. sneaker pimps playing in the background, photographer saying, "GIVE ME 'CRUEL INTENTIONS.' YES, YES. THAT'S PERFECT. now, now, give me a fat an iron curtain mail-order groom jake shears over the shoulder, hand on the hip. YES, THIS IS ECSTASY."

Thursday, September 16, 2010

a little help?

because i just can't figure out what this marchesa spring 2011 dress means? i mean...the visual code involves so many layers of meaning and nuance as to be almost impregnable.

can YOU figure it out?


here's the thing about marchesa. i actually really like their dresses despite myself (DON'T TELL ANYONE OR I WON'T LOOK SMART OR SERIOUS!). i mean, i know in my head that they're just a slightly more interesting badgley & mischka, but they ARE actually slightly more interesting. sure their origami pleating writ large has been done by galliano for ages, but it still makes a strong visual statement. that said, the above dress is NOT THAT SUBTLE, however i do appreciate that they made it cocktail length. SO MUCH MORE VERSATILE!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

identical gay cousins (no, not the name of a jp cadinot movie)

so y'all know how HUGE a fan of michael bastian i am (BARF), but his latest collection really changed my mind. i was all wrong about him. he's not an up-market abercrombie and fitch. he's a slightly WASP-y dsquared2.

and so i've decided to organize an interactive game for you guys! figure out which look is dsquared and which look is from michael bastian's fall 2011 show. the answers MAY surprise you!

click the pictures for answers!

however, there is one big difference. one of the collections is referred to as "Activewear (in the form of surf trunks and scuba jams), cashmere sweaters (embroidered as well as color-blocked), and classic suits both one-button and double-breasted: Somehow it all cohered. This was a collection perfectly tailored for the sun-bronzed, gym-readied, collar-flipped dandy." while the other is described as having "lost its identity, having moved from camp to campus and with Tuesday’s show just navigating, as if on autopilot, through all the current trends.” GUESS WHO'S WHO.

Monday, September 13, 2010

immensely practical

god, i love fall. particularly because it's that perfect slice of time where i can wear the things that are too impractically warm for summer and too impractically cold for winter. case-in-point, the aran sweater i chopped the sleeves off of last winter to make into a "sweater t-shirt," obviously the most sane and reasonable thing to do to a huge, bulky sweater.

patrik ervell agrees (but for spring)!

i'm gonna wear the fuck out of this for the next month or so before it gets way too cold to wear it without a jacket. be prepared to be psyched for a limited time only.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

throwing shapes

in case you were worried that my taking jessica fletcher on vacation with me meant no more voguing vacation pictures (no one was worried), you can relax your idiot little head!

bootleg ebay river phoenix tank / thrift camp shorts / thrift hiking boots

i am still in the running towards becoming america's next top faggoty faggot. my vacation photos will be displayed in your heart next week as digital art.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

thrift dementia

when i was in grad school in the midwest, i used to go to the thrift store every week or so. i would drive the half hour or so out to the value village near the airport and just fill up my cart, try things on, and go. eventually i wore out on it and stopped really being interested in thrift hauls.

now that i've moved back to the city, i rarely ever get a chance to go to thrift stores so when i do go, i usually go balls out/balls deep. which may explain why when i went on vacation i bought shit that i normally wouldn't even think about. i've grouped these in categories:


normally i would give less than a shit about vintage americana (i dunno, something about me DOESN'T want to revere a time when black people were hosed down by the national guard, but maybe that's just me!), but this levi's cord jacket and land's end flannel fit so well i kind of couldn't resist. plus, it was awesome to get the original "inspiration" of the opening ceremony x levi's jacket for $5.


everyone knows it's return of the haute baja, so duh. and the slouchy aran sweater was hand knit and only $2! it's kinda moody belgian, no?


vintage gap polka dot shirt, and $1 sweatshirt i will probably sell to beacon's closet.

leather daddy?

ummm...i have absolutely no explanation for these chaps. i tried them on as a joke but they kinda grew on me? like my weiner grows when i make someone lick my boots?


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mile High Mystery!

two things:

(1) as you may have been able to tell, i don't really do traditional vacation photos.

(2) if you have followed my twitter over the last couple months, you will know now of my great love for angela lansbury as jessica fletcher in "Murder, She Wrote" (although, after now having been through almost 9 seasons on streaming netflix, I can say that some of the later seasons are a little shark-jumpy).
combining these two things, we decided when we went away for labor day this weekend to print out promotional pics of jessica fletcher and have her pose in front of scenery because WHY THE HELL NOT. plus, girl knows how to throw shapes. so, without much further adieu, ROCKY MOUNTAIN MURDER:

Denver!! 021
Denver!! 029
Rocky Mountain National Park! 030
Denver!! 041
Rocky Mountain National Park! 012
Denver!! 019
Denver!! 018
Denver!! 011
Denver!! 052

i have to say, it's probably the best idea i've ever had. it's kind of a pop-cultural homage to david wojnarowicz's rimbaud in new york series. or not. hahaha.

ps. i think for my next vacation, it's going to be shelly duvall. bitch gave good face.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

the funky bunch

sometimes the heat makes me retarded.

no, i mean, actually retarded. like wearing osh kosh b'gosh overalls with a wifebeater marky mark-style and pairing it with gold dries van noten shoes to go out to the fag bar.

anyways, i'm going out of town to take some more vogue hiking pictures for this weekend, so i'll just leave this here.