Tuesday, June 29, 2010

all kindsa soup

these acne pants somehow nail a minimalist revisionist 70s morgan freeman in electric company kinda thing. and i'm WAY into it.


i want in those pants so bad.

Monday, June 28, 2010

runway to dungeonway

you guys know how much i loved celine s/s 2010 and resort 2010. so much so that i subconsciously must have been manifesting my two favorite looks from those seasons (in my own budget, fetish shop ways) when i went out on saturday in my new leather shorts. or, i'm totally delusional, whatever. YOU DECIDE.


acne t / ebay leather shorts / ghana bag from chrissy / sambas

the shorts ended up being fairly oversized, but i'm still pretty into them. as laia pointed out when i visited her on saturday, the oversizedness makes the zipper (aka the fapperkeeper) significantly less porn-y and i agree. plus, because of the elastic waist, it's easy to play with the proportions of them and make them look slightly different depending on how they fall on the hip/waist.

plus, it's really easy to clean jizz of leather with just a couple sprays of fantastik. win-win-tie.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

cherish it forever



Monday, June 21, 2010


so so so sooooo into the digital flower prints at jil sander spring 2010. it's like a cross between the flowers on peter saville's cover for new order's "Power, Corruption, & Lies" and the amazing supersaturated hypercolors for his covers for their "Technique" and "True Faith."



ugh, SO GOOD. gonna buy the fuck out of them when they come out, trust.

the two style boners together remind me of some kind of beautiful sartorial frottage/fashion mutual j/o.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

it's this one thing that's got me trippin'

i only have one thought regarding resort season so far, and that is, DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE THAT ISAAC MIZRAHI DID A REMAKE OF BRENDA/KELLY'S PROM DRESS FOR RESORT 2011?!

WHO WORE IT BETTER?! (brenda, obviously).

btw, i don't know how should be on the nanny does it. photoshopping ex-celebrities on model's bodies is hard!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

upside down / inside out / round-and-round

been reading this amazing book on disco and its impact on fag culture and all i can do now is listen to diana ross's disco songs. seriously, AMAZING. i mean, i LOVED the supremes and i LOVED mahogany but i guess i didn't realize how good her disco shit was? so let's take a second to appreciate this fantasticness. i've been playing this on repeat for DAYS:

i mean, so TYPICAL of me, right? but whatever I'M OUT AND PROUD. ugh, i am THIS CLOSE to dressing like a clone for the summer.

ps. plus, she's the mom of joan from 'girlfriends,' one of my favorite characters of all time. DUH.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

more amiuzingness

styleregistry just posted an AMAZINGLY comprehensive miu miu campaign archive from 1994 to today and it reminds you just how ON POINT a diffusion line can be.

my faves:

FALL 2000 (shoes are SO ON POINT):

FALL 1999:

SPRING 2002 (UGH, i LOVED this when it came out, LOVE a triple limb):

FALL 2003 (my new fave. can't believe i slept on this collection?)

ALL SO GOOD. thanks, styleregistry!

Monday, June 7, 2010

business casual casual

i had to go into the office this weekend so i took my usual slutty summer look up a notch and my usual business casual down a notch.
uniqlo s/s shirt / international mr. leather t / jil sander sweatshorts / acne mesh sneakers

i just wanted to broadcast to anyone seeing me on my way to the office that i may be an over-worked, high-powered yuppie, but i still know my way around a sex swing.

ps. look at all the faggotry in that picture (e.g. jaunty head angle, hand in pocket, slightly splayed legs), not that that's a change from the usual...

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

successories/office supplies

here are some things i only wear in and to the office, because i'm too insecure about my hipness to not look poor on the weekends.

dior homme shoes:

SEE glasses:

johnny farah briefcase:

vintage seiko chronograph:

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

wet dreams do come true, it could happen to you


i had a pretty rough week at work last week so like a good CARRIE, i went shopping to help me remember that i get paid to handle rough weeks. i stopped in jil sander and finally picked up my dream shoes because they were finally on sale (40% off, motherfuckers). i didn't even have to maim any babies.*

anyways, here they are, and they are perfect:

the white outline totally totally makes them:

just enough visual interest mixed with classicism to wear to the office or a business meeting or what have you. i'm PRETTY psyched on them. so is my teddybear:

* speaking of babies, i dragged adam to go see "Babies" yesterday because it was so hot outside. can i just say, was the white baby even necessary? as in real life, by far the least cute of the bunch. although i did like the part where she was [SPOILERS!]slamming on the door to get out of a daddy and me earth-mother-jam session[/SPOILERS!].