Friday, October 29, 2010

hitch 'em up.

i'm taking adam out for his birthday tonight and we're going to Daniel. jackets are required. now, i have no shortage of jackets but you know i relish in the opportunity to wear a full suit.

i thought i had a problem with this jil sander suit because the pants hit me at a funny spot. funny for me, at least, because i generally wear my pants pretty low (it's the "left eye" lopez in me). but rather than pulling up the pants and hiding the waist with my sweater, i thought i'd just put it all out there by tucking my shirt and sweater in and slapping a faggy belt on it.
jil sander suit + sweater / +J uniqlo shirt / apc belt / dries van noten shoes / vintage helmut lang briefcase

the belt is a new purchase (pre-my shopping moratorium. did i tell you guys i actually gave myself a clothing budget this year? I'LL BE A RECESSIONISTA, YET!!!!!!!!!) from APC. i haven't really liked anything from APC in a while, but this double layer fat/skinny belt is on-point.

the half-navy, half-gray sweater i got from the last jil sander sample sale, and i finally didn't eat a big enough dinner last night to wear it out of the house.

i think i'm pretty into it. it would also go well with any potential in-betweener costume.

also, a head's up: today is the last day of the jil sander sample sale. everything was 90-95% off but dude selection was pretty slim. i'm assuming by now, most stuff is picked over but head over cuz shit was CHEAPPPPPPPPP. i only grabbed a couple ties and a t-shirt and some presents for my sisters this time around. crosby and howard sts. GOOOOOOOO.


Westopher said...

That sweater is balls. Skipping a meal or two is totally worth the fit

jae said...

oh you fancy

Hapsical said...

this is so fucking good

BJCG said...

The sweater and belt are so up my alley that they would be offended if I told them not to shoot their wad in there.

Chip said...

omg look at this GQ mother fucker

I love the collection that sweater is from SFM
you look great

May Kasahara said...

oooOOOOOOOOooooooo >>> that belt. YES.