Thursday, August 12, 2010


this editorial with georgie baddiel in the september elle is fucking perfect.

from the "natural" lighting to the bahamadia hair: PERFECT. honestly, it's nice to see the "new ladytime minimalists" like celine, reed krakoff, etc. on a non-white model in a non-sterile studio/well-lit horse stable. it brings an extra-freshness to what could feel a little cold. vogue better bring it.

ps. classic bahamadia:


BJCG said...

The proportions of the clothes and the graininess of the camera make it look so outdated, though.

As if "oh we have this gorgeous, black model in New York and she's able to sport an afro, so let's get this shot to be as seventies, black-power as possible" was the only idea put on the table.

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

fair enough, point taken. i didn't immediately take "black power" from this, but after you pointed it out, the fur vest one is v. v. militant. but the other pictures don't read to me as SO throw back-y.

Cara said...

I love the NYC theme and the second outfit is amazing.
But I do partly agree with the first comment...

Lila said...

I was just thinking it was cinematic, in an 'on purpose' way. But I'm not American, so there are a lot of cultural references I'll be missing.

p.s. I absolutely love your blog.

p.p.s. final, uninformed thought - with the representation of black women in fashion magazines being so insanely low, maybe this (even if it is too 70s black-power) is still a shuffle in the right direction.

ray said...

i could not agree more. look at he cuts on these mf'n clothes. YES!