Saturday, August 7, 2010

slutty mayflower descendant

i'm trying REALLY hard (and mostly failing) to back off slutty tank tops for the rest of the summer (even though my clavicles are MAGNIFICENT). it's just way overdone and i like to be contrarian to my detriment. in addition to wearing see-through shirts (and contemplating see-through shorts), i've started to rely on a really easy gay-slutty crutch. a classic, really. tight polo shirts and khakis, a la post-lumberjack castro clones:
fred perry polo / patrik ervell sample shorts (that i slashed and cuffed) / sambas / street fair bag

some queer historical background for you kids:
The Christopher Street or Castro Street clone "look" was an urban street fashion that became synonymous with the 1970s urban gay lifestyle, particularly in New York and San Francisco, and reached its zenith and self-parody with the disco group Village People...The basic look consisted of a body-hugging ensemble--plaid shirt or tight-fitting T-shirt, tight-fitting 501 (button-up fly) blue jeans, sneakers or construction boots, a hat or cap, an earring, and facial hair, usually a mustache. The uniformity of the look and fact that the look was worn as a uniform (to signal "gay and proud") led to the epithet "clone," as if every individual were an exact copy of some original "liberated gay man"-- 5'9", 29-inch waist, 20 year old, gay white male (GWM).

. . .

The clone look embraced a range of variations...With the newer trend of gym-toned bodies, variations highlighted the sculped male form--athletic shirts, polo shirts (preferably bearing the trademark Izod alligator), with gym shorts, cutoffs, or fatigue or painter's pants.
Haggerty, G. E. (Ed.) (2000). Gay Histories and Cultures: an Encyclopedia, New York: Taylor & Francis. (pp. 200-01).

can you tell i've been reading tales of the city again? i'm kinda way into it. this version is a slight variation of the variation: preppy castro clone missionary back from Peru with souvenirs for his friends.

ps. if i'm going to do this, i'm gonna really need to up my pec and bicep game.

pps. it's been so long since i've even attempted a scholarly citation. i need to up my Chicago Manual of Style game, too.

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BJCG said...

I think I might've admitted this before, but I am such a clone right down to the last details of being 5'9", 29-in. waist, 20, and white.

Do not think anyone my age cares about San Fran (it's so dead), so whatever.