Friday, July 31, 2009

ok, ladies. i'm going on vacay for a couple weeks so updating may be muy sporadico. for now, i leave you with the dance remix of madonna's version of 'don't cry for me argentina.' elizabeth reminded me of it yesterday and...y'know, just cuz:

by the time you climb down from the 'tina induced high this homosong has instilled you with, i will be LONG GONE down south america way. SEE U SOON.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


while researching vintage guy bourdin images for a project i'm working on with chrissy, i stumbled across this AMAZING blog showing off a ridiculously thorough and CRAMAZING collection of vintage charles jourdan shoes. check it out. seriously MIND-BLOWING. like, i can't even fathom. ANYHOW, while scrolling through the amazing vintage jourdan, i saw something else that caught my eye.

ummmm...calvin klein spring 2009 CURLING IRON HEELS?!

a strappy sandal with a CURLING IRON FOR A HEEL. W.T.FUCKERY?! can we just take a moment?

ghurls, i am STILL waiting to exhale.

why have we not been seeing these E'ERYWHERE?! i can't find them in any of the runway collection detail shots. i found one passing mention of them in last december's vogue (although it was just the text, not the image). WHY HAVE WE, AS BLOGGERS, NOT BEEN CREAMING OUR PANTS OVER THESE FOR MONTHS? HOW COME THESE HAVE NOT MADE IT ONTO THE FEET OF GAGA, THEN BEYONCE, THEN EVENTUALLY (we're talking months here) CIARA (then eventually Bebe and then one of the Kardashians)?

i can see the video now: gaga, her hair in shirley temple curls (as is the style she's taken to lately) goes into somewhere humid causing her hair to limp up. scroll down her legs to her heels, takes them off, puts them on an avant hotplate and BAM, she's good to go. ok, so maybe i'm imagining a mentos commercial. WHATEVER.

point of the story: nicola? you're fired. charlesjourdancollector? YOU'RE HIRED.

EDIT!! someone has kindly put the shoes up on ebay!! GET THEM, GHURL!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


new fashionspiration: the asian woman from the episode of ghostwriter where lenni writes a hit song.

ugh, so marc jacobs 4 perry ellis grunge collection! seriously! check out the long flannel maxi-dress/shirt from 2:01 on. so good! and beanies with E'ERYTHING! and her slightly incan/mayan oversized blousson-cum-blazer?? LOVEEEEEE.

my little sister and i used to say "love you, mean it" to each other ALL THE TIME cuz we thought it was SO hilairs! and all this time i thought it was sandra oh who played her, but it's actually asian blair cramer from one life to live!


the new pierre hardy for gap shoes dropped and they are decidedly

i mean, just 2 or 3 months ago i was really really psyched on them, but then these? can't really get excited about them.

the square-heeled laceup oxfords are CRAMAZING and so are those platform sandals. C'MON, GAP. DON'T HOLD OUT.


Monday, July 27, 2009

we could start over

adam and i, in preparation for our trip to argentina and iguazu falls, watched 'happy together' on saturday. had i not seen this before?! so so so soooo good. i would say i liked it better than chungking express but maybe slightly less or slightly more than in the mood for love? way better than 2046, though. ANYWAYS, can we talk about the hotness of tony leung?

UMMMM...I DON'T EVEN LIKE ASIAN DUDES. I DO NOT DO STICKY-RICE. shit, ghurl. THAI ME UP, THAI ME DOWN. and can we talk about how the sweater leslie cheung wears throughout looks like straight up raf simons 2008 color palette?

i kinda wanna buy it so i can watch it over and over and over and over again. seriously, if you haven't seen it, get on that shit. also, when i get to iguazu, i'm gonna look for this lamp and buy 9 of them:

Friday, July 24, 2009

i'm in meeting all days

BUT, i thought i'd STOP FOR A MINUTE and let you guys know that i'm kinda in love with amy grant's first three outfits in the baby, baby video? huh-wha?!

christian rockstars are the new lady gaga.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

brand on the run

sorry, markus lupfer but this pineapple sweater:

is straight-up stella mccartney for chloe spring 2001:
thanks, laia, for making it easy to illustrate this point!

that is all.

dries VANS noten

i remember seeing these dries van noten dress sneakers/running dress shoes at barney's last year and thinking they were so, so dope. except the ones i wanted had a bright pink sole instead of the blue one (the blue ones were at jeffrey):

i also remember thinking to myself, "but they're kinda retarded. they just look like vans with a sweet bottom and in leather instead of canvas. why should i pay $400 for them?" and then i saw them at the warehouse sale and they were still like $180 and half a size too small and i passed on them again.

well look what vans authentic finally got around to doing:

so i ordered the green ones from zappos:

if you want the red or blue ones click hurrrr (this advice is mainly to prevent you from thinking you have to buy them from oki-ni or colette. BUY AMERICAN). so psyched!! the shoes i marginally wanted but not enough to buy them finally came down to a price point where i really want them! yes!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

oh oh it's magic

this weekend i rediscovered the magical mystery of my ornate mirror necklace. it's back in rotation.

also, it gives all my vain friends an excuse to look at themselves even more than they usually do and without having to wait for someone to tag their narcissistic asses on facebook. says the dude who posts pictures of himself all day long on a blog that no one reads and makes statements like, 'this is my favorite picture someone's ever taken of me.'

ps. can we talk about how much i HATE the social minefield that is tagging your friends in pictures on facebook? you can never tell when someone's going to think that a picture of them is going to be bad so you may be innocently thinking, oh, this person would like to know this picture is going on the internet, but really they're like THAT IS THE MOST DISGUSTING THING I HAVE EVER SEEN. BURN IT. (this is not just one person i know, this has been multiple people). so then you decide never to tag anyone ever again and then people say, 'oh, polio's such a dick. he thinks i look ugly in that picture that i think is so great of me!' WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT?! MAKE UP YOUR MIND, PEOPLE.

Monday, July 20, 2009

flea market finds

cheap plastic casio to sate my swatch craving until i find a good one on ebay (also, is it weird that i'm kinda grossed out by the idea of buying a used swatch on ebay b/c i think they might be dirty and gross even though i wear thrift store shit all the time? there's something about that plastic, browned with someone else's dirt that i find really disgusting):

the best studio photography you've ever seen:

one thing about each image, respectively: (1) i was kinda meh on the first one b/c i was like, 'i've seen this picture before. probably on the internet.' so it dulled the weirdness of it. but i thought to myself, 'well, i'll give it to my friends. they'll appreciate it.' and then i go to give it to them and they're like, 'ummm...we have this same exact picture hanging in our apartment [which is, obvs, where i saw it]. avi gave it to us.' but then later they realized it was a slight variation with a mom and kid instead of a sexy ski bunny. but on the same set. weird, right? (2) awwwww...poor pouty princess pooped her polyester pantsuit. pobrecita.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

why my friends are fun

one thing you should know about us: we like to party.

also: we can turn the presence of a fan and a camera and long luscious hair into instant photoshoot:

officially my favorite picture of me ever taken. thanks, magnus! or katie? one of the two! and also amy!

Friday, July 17, 2009

try to be strong right from the start

god, i love this song. st. etienne's amazing transformative neil young cover:

why was everyone in the 90s so obsessed with daisies? also, why don't more white people wear cross-colors? mysteries of life. FRIDAYYYYYYYY

Thursday, July 16, 2009

pencil dick

for this edition of style boners (which, thanks, commentor, i just realized was a total rip-off (though independently so) of street boners/tv carnage. oops!), this AMAZING miharayasuhiro vest made out of pencils.

so practical, i can't even stand it! i'm always looking for something to write with or taking avant garde standardized tests. this would be so perfect for the PSAT (pomo standardized aptitude test)! buy it for me, plz.

also, edgy hobos are in for 09.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

if only i could be like him, then everything would be ok

was suddenly reminded of this song today, the 3rd-ish best song of spinArt's fantastic 'one last kiss' compilation (behind, at least, the magnetic fields' '100,000 fireflies' and velocity girl's 'my forgotten favorite' and perhaps behind the swirlies' 'chris r.' (sidenote about the swirlies: when i was starting high school, during orientation one of the junior or seniors had written 'swirlies' on the board as an illustration of what high school might be like and i, being naive and thinking that high school kids were so much cooler than dumb middle school kids, had thought that all these older kids were into the same bands i was into and was so so psyched on starting high school that i might be surrounded by awesome "indie rock" kids, and then i asked, 'oh, do you like the swirlies?' and they didn't know i was talking about a band and the resultant disappointment could basically sum up the whole of high school) and that lorelei song).

white town (of 'your woman' fame) - hair like alain delon:

man, i used to love spinart records. i would obsessively doodle their logo in my notebooks instead of paying attention in class. anyhow, enjoy this brief refresher on early 90s twee pop.

oh, shit! i didn't know this existed! a swirlies video:

it looks exactly how you think it's going to look. super 8, converse, over-fast images of nature, multiple exposures. perfect!

Monday, July 13, 2009

get out of my Dries and into my closet

so you remember how i tried on this most amazing of amazing dries van noten sweater/shirt combos at jeffrey and basically VOMITED WITH EXCITEMENT about it but didn't pull the trigger b/c it was like insanely pricey and i cried and kicked and screamed and COULDN'T BELIEVE MY MOM WOULDN'T BUY IT FOR ME so i cancelled my super sweet 16(j/k, i'm a grown-ass man. i depend on me.) well guess what was waiting for me like a beautiful angel at the jeffrey 60% off sale this weekend?

OH FUCKIN YES. it is so unbelievably perfect, i can't even stand it. i wore it to circa now yesterday to visit w/the always lovely lisa and louise and they put it so perfectly: everything about this is fucked up and weird: the gauzy sweater, the linen-y shirt underneath, the digitally printed dripping fake missoni pattern, the wan colors, THE FACT THAT THE SWEATER IS ACTUALLY ATTACHED BY SIDE PANELS TO THE SHIRT. BUT. BUT. all together, it totally makes it all perfect.

seriously, the craftmanship on this thing is INSANE:

the print goes all the way from the sweater over the shirt as if someone just silkscreened a sweater and shirt as one piece. in the detail pic, i've moved the collar of the shirt and the sweater slightly so you can see what i'm talking about. that white area under the color is where it's NOT printed. this will kill me for all of time and i think is the first time i believed i actually had a fuckin COLLECTOR's item that i will keep forever. my grandchildren's grandchildren will find this in an attic and donate it to the MET one day (j/k, gay people can't have/aren't supposed to have children. this ends with me.) ugh, SO PSYCHED ON IT! this will be showing up all the time here, so ummm GET USED TO IT. may even squeeze another post out of this by doing real camera detail shots.

ps. for your time, here is the soundtrack that goes with my sweater/shirt:

pps. the sales dude recognized me when i came in and saw me browsing at the sale section and was like, 'oh, do you remember this sweater you tried on? it's still here. i remember you from when you tried it on the first time and how amazing it looked on you.' IT IS FATE FROM THE HEAVENS. (i obviously have a very loose, very shallow, very consumerist vision of fate, i know).

ppps. i die, obviously.

pppps. i can seriously stop shopping now. EVERYTHING IS COMPLETE.

ppppps. that is so obviously a lie, i can't even say it in jest.

Friday, July 10, 2009

i just want your extra time

i really thought for a second that chuck bass was wearing this:

but upon further inspection, it was not to be. [i have to apologize for the thinness of these posts lately. work is depressing.]

you gonna burn burn burn burn it to the wick

i kind of love the new PHI campaign, but mostly because it reminds me of heart:


right?? and isn't this kinda the perfect accompaniment to the campaign?

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Blow Up

Peggy Moffitt


Penelope Tree


Comic Book Love Triangle


Monday, July 6, 2009

day n nite

my definition of daywear for a trip to the museum is a slutty tank top and short shorts. my definition of evening wear is a slutty tank top with pleated pants.

all thrift/gold harvey milk whistle/acne mesh shoes

at the met:


it's so hard being dressed totally appropriately wherever i go.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


did i not JUST SAY that the miguel adrover navajo coat from 8 years ago looked like something you could buy right now? well, look what the opening ceremony x pendleton coats for fall look like:

miguel adrover fall 01(?):


ok, i guess it looks more like those lindsey thornburg blanket jackets that all the girls were wearing last fall, BUT STILL.


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 funky 4 life

can we just talk for a second about how prevailing lady-pop iconography today is directly descended from george michael's 'too funky' video (which crhee just reminded me about, cuz she's amazing, and so is her clothing which you can spot in a new teen vogue editorial BY THE BY)?

let's see: beyonce in mugler? ANTICIPATED.


lady gaga's mugler cyborg/hand motions? DOUBLE ANTICIPATED.


(ghurl, nicola must be on a freedom '90 kick)

other amazing things about the video? l'evangelista (as always) and tyra looking TRANSGENDERED AS ALL HAYELL: