Friday, May 29, 2009

facebook is the best

gingerbread man, jock strap, gray rat, cherry cordial.

You: You're such a Perv / Me: No, I'm a gentleman; I pull out.

always looking out for me (big brother that he is), brendan (who, BTW, is having a sample sale of his amazing t-shirts at court this weekend)* gave me something last time i saw him:

what's so remarkable about that, you say? oh, i dunno, maybe b/c of this:

that's right. an alexander wang designed condom. this is going to save me so much money at planned parenthood. (J/K. two more and i get a gift card that'll go towards my next accident.)

the only thing is, considering this, i'm not sure how well it's going to work:

because i'm pretty sure he just took some american apparel liquid leggings, cut some slashes in them, and put them in a condom wrapper. and i will NOT be tricked by the "hole-in-the-condom" trick. again.

*speaking of sales, elizabeth is having the sale to end all moving sales this weekend. help a sister, out!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

pink negative

i have been insanely bored with my clothes lately and haven't been inspired by anything i've seen in a long time. however, i am REALLY drawn to the color palette from this gq russia editorial (via vseki at male editorials):

i love a dusty rose. anyhow, i thought i'd try to do a louche-ish spin on it after seeing the miami vice for after six dinner mauve dinner jacket i bought with elizabeth and brendan when we went to the thrift store a couple weeks ago.

thrift jacket / dior homme shirt / j. lindenberg pants / custom platforms

i loosened up the silhouette a tad, as i've been really feeling an untailored laziness lately. the shirt is from a consignment shop in antwerp that i've never actually worn out b/c it's a little too "poet's shirt" for me, but now i think i'm kind of into it. any advice for someone who's bored out of his mind with his fairly expansive wardrobe?

they're the windows to my skull

inspired by kwannam's post about his new glasses, and realizing that by obscuring my face with a giant ribbon (because i'm a GIFT TO THIS WORLD), you guys who don't know me are missing out on my favorite accessories. so i thought i'd give you a look of my old glasses, my current glasses, and glasses that i have been trying to work out:

i got these prada molester glasses my 2nd year of law school, so maybe like 2005? i had seen a water color painting of them in Purple or something and i remember really wanting to look like giles deacon at the time. i've basically retired them now b/c they're a little played out so they're sitting in a drawer gathering dust. i'm sure there will be some point where they won't seem so supersaturated (one more pair and the look will crystallize out of existence), but for now i'm done with them.

these are my current glasses that i wear all the time. they're deadstock claude montana for alain mikli that i got at a sample sale for like $40. i fuckin' LOVE them. they look like glasses james spader would wear if he got cast in a documentary about kraftwerk or something. they have the owl thing going on, but they're also half metal. it's cyborg-y. the only problem is they're looking a little worse for the wear lately, which is why i'm trying to transition into these:

oversized gold rounded-off rectangular liz claiborne old lady glasses. aren't they hideous/mundane? i'm way into them. i have this dressing philosophy that is more or less this: i don't like things to be easy. so if i am wearing something really au courant, like black sausage casing jeans and an oversized demuelemeester-y top, i like to ugly it up with something hideous and out of place like these glasses. i hate when people can quickly identify my references. the only problem is that they might be TOO ugly. i can't bring myself to go out in public with them. however, i have confidence that one day, my eyes will adjust to how hideous/great they are and they will become my new glasses. WAIT FOR IT.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

battle to the death





a: we all lose.


brendan donnelly shirts from last season:


brendan is a prescient genius.

ps. brendan is having a sample sale at lisa's store, court this weekend:


Monday, May 25, 2009

the armed forces would have wanted it this way

i spent my weekend doing my best impression of "caroline trentini playing ultimate frisbee."

do you love it? isn't it perfect?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Lou Barlow is Smoldering

that is all. happy memorial day friday!

and one more thing for good measure, just cuz it always gets me up:


Thursday, May 21, 2009

3 women

i'm still on this major altman kick. adam and i just watched 3 women last night and while i came away thinking that a lot of it was kinda pretentious obtuse for the sake of being obtuse shit, shelley duvall and sissy spacek were RIDICULOUSLY GOOD in it. also, it was really visually interesting (aside from that overlong overlaying-images-underwater dream sequence).

and janice rule as the pregnant angry hippie sandpainter was amazing:

coalminer's daughter featuring guns:

and, as elizabeth and i have written extensively about in the past, the magnificent creature that is shelley duvall:

soooooo goood! this is totally ripe for some photographer to rip off and make into an editorial. unless one exists out there already? anyone know?

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

give it to yo mamma

i was at the gym last week and something came on that i hadn't seen in a LONG time:

and i have to say, i think i can KINDA see why some people might think burning man was cool now. stephane sednaoui makes things look really good, i have to say. also, i think these disco pants are actually way better than margiela's:


Monday, May 18, 2009

we are the champions

my new look for summer is post-fontaine:

also, i'm into brooches again. i feel this gold garland really gives me a chink olympian feel. more pics from louise's opening coming up! this is really just a placeholder until i have time to do a real post and b/c whiz asked me to.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Miguel Adrover is/was a Fuckin' Genius.

one of the very first designers that got me REALLY into fashion (after my yohji phase but pre-belgians) was miguel adrover. it helped that he was really "downtown" in a way that really appealed to me at the time. however, while a lot of my appreciation for other downtown darlings faded away (e.g., my brief obsession with michael and hushi, ummm...stop making things out of circle threeasfour nee asfour, etc.), i will always have a spot in my heart for the strange awkward proportions and effortlessness of miguel adrover. because after you get through all the posturing (sending a burberry mack inside out and backwards down the runway, making dresses out of quentin crisp's discarded mattress), the clothes he sent out were good and kinda counterintuitively timeless for a "provocateur." 

i recently went back to his 2000-01 collections and i can't help but notice how FUCKIN GREAT they are. i mean, sure, they're overlong and mostly unedited meditations on whatever tangent he was currently pre-occupied with, but i mean, check this shit out!

i would wear the fuck out of these:

how fuckin' dries are the first and third looks here? the silk basketball uniform is so right on, i can't even start. and i even like the subverted omayra school girl/hoodrat in the middle:

this look from spring '01 looks like something you could buy at oak now, almost 10 years later:

pre-raf primary color-blocked suits with jazz shoes for spring 02:

and finally, these two looks KILL me. FUCKIN' KILL ME:

that shit is INSANE! all of this would look MAJORLY good MAJORLY now. i just read a great article about him circa when he was a fashion darling that made me wish he would design again and not just for weird german organic clothing brands but i guess it's better than nothing.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

you will like my sense of style

this towa tei + kylie minogue video for GERMAN BOLD ITALIC is amazing:

the song itself is kinda whatever, but for what the song lacks the video more than makes up for in (1) a geisha'd up, kimono wearing kylie walking around new york and taking the subway shot verite style, (2) use of the opening sample used in the intro to 'groove is in the heart,' (3) lyrics written from the point of view of an anthropomorphized typeface, (4) this:


Monday, May 11, 2009

Less than Zero

just hangin' out, poolside. y'know, bout to cast my shirt and catch some fish.

acne shirt/thrift tank/a77 jeans/thrift bally shoes

hahaha, i'm just imagining posting this on sufu or TFS. i'm assuming it wouldn't go over so hot. BUT I LIKE TO KEEP IT LOOSE DURING SUMMER. SO SHOOT ME

Friday, May 8, 2009


i am on a mid 90s r&b kick to get myself READY 4 DA WEEKEND, and PREPARE TO HAVE A YOUTUBE CLIP LOBOTOMIZE YOU:

xtina (at 12 years old) covering one of my top 3 mary j. blige songs on the mickey mouse club? FUCK YES! this is going to be a good weekend.

i hate enablers

i'm going to assume that one or both of these foolios is ESL. blegh.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

do you look through me the same way that i look at you?

remember when you used to make mixtapes and you had like 4 staple songs that you would include in almost every mix tape? this is one of them:

dude, why was i so obsessed with breakup songs when i didn't have anyone to break up with?

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i've corrected a huge mistake

ok, so based on all of your opinions, the blue nikes will be returned. it is a good thing that i bought some replacements at the acne sample sale yesterday. they're a weird blue mesh that you can see my feet through which i normally would hate but since they are so aggressively and weirdly ugly i kinda love? and they kinda look like plimsolls meets stella mccartney mesh basket shoes meets gladiator sandals?

my feet kinda of look like they're trying to escape like voldemort in the back of this dude's head. i'm WAY into them b/c they are so objectionable in every single way that all the objections cancel each other out (like all of the diseases in mr. burns' body). anyways, they go perfect with the fishnet shirt i bought at the sale to replace the one i had given away some time during my move.

i'm PRETTY excited about wearing this all the time. goes so well with my whole gay jamaiican hustler vibe i'm going for this summer. my little sister called it "very Emily Valentine." that sounds about right.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

beyond the creamy white milky pale

i'm sorry, acne studio. i fuckin' love you guys. you put out a great magazine and your clothing occupies a place in my mind now similar to the place i imagine helmut lang occupied in the minds of young "hip" urban professionals in the late 90s. that is to say you make weird, awkwardly cut clothing look so EFFORTLESS and, and i hate using this word, cool. 


do not try to sell me what looks like the used boi shorts of a particularly enthusiastic subservient bottom after a long night bound and gagged in a sling at the west side club

especially for $69 (irony?).


but on a more pleasant note, today's sample sale was pretty good and did you guys know that they had an online outlet store?? BOOYA.

Monday, May 4, 2009

i've made a terrible mistake

on my way home today, i stopped and bought some sneakers b/c i've been really fiending for some sneakers to wear this summer. now i'm not sure i made a good decision with these blue suede nike high tops*:

i bought them to wear with shorts but i think they kinda look terrible with shorts? should i return them? i'm kinda torn. i really really am into the blueness of them but maybe that's about it? blergh.

* i was unbelievably tempted to make a bad blue suede shoes pun for the title but i erred on the side of non-retardedness.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

the clash

while searching for an image to go along with a tweet for travis's and my fashion advice twitter, i came across the most amazing/disturbing/kinda beautiful fucked up fetish i've seen in a while: people wrapping their heads in as many silk scarves as they can? SCARF PARTY!!!!

it's very lara stone, vogue italia by meisel and i'm pretty sure this is where junya watanabe got his inspiration for spring 09:

anyways, you're very welcome/i'm so sorry.