Friday, January 30, 2009

IF/IB 4 CDG 4 H&M*

with epic, epic sadness, i missed out on all of the good stuff from the cdg 4 h&m collab, but luckily JESUS was looking out for me. jesus in the form of my friend chrissy! she gave me the most sought after piece from the collabo (for dudes) for my helping her out on her lookbook for her line, CRHEE.

SO PSYCHED! but i didn't want to wear them in the regular avant goth/gay way or look like i'm on my way to a klaxons dj set at the super super offices before the jcdc show.  so i tried to tamp down the fashion-iness of them. from worst outfit, to what i feel is best:

first i tried tech neon windbreakery:

then i tried a little sporty (michael jordan forever):

finally i settled on pacific northwest barista primal screaming among the redwoods, wearing my hiking boots i got at the thrift store in michigan and a uniqlo cable knit sweater:

i think the last one is by FAR the most successful, no? i'm kinda psyched to wear it out tonight, actually. THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHRISSY!!

ps. i just got back from the prada friends and family sale (75% off f/w 08, y'all!) and bought some crazy check jaquard-y pants. add these to the ones pictured above and the balenciaga bell bottoms, and i have started quite a collection of INSANITYPANTS.

*this is what if/ib means.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

vaguely ethnic swan

so the hardest thing about working my super super super corporate job, besides the fact that i work at least 12 hours a day and weekends, is that i have to dress like a total square at work. which pains me as someone who's really into wearing remarkable clothing and is very very vain. this especially ruins me because i hate looking like an herb on the train. this is about as far as i can push it:

jil sander blazer / club monaco scarf / uniqlo khakis / sockman gloves / buttero shoes

this differs a fair amount from what i normally wear. to quote nelson muntz, "i feel like punching myself." one day i will have a job where i can be cool. SIGH.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

which of these things is never been kissed like the other?

from the moment:
What: Launch party for the new Sergio Rossi-Puma collaboration and a new collection by House of Waris

Where: Colette boutique, Paris
When: Cocktail hour, Monday, January 26
Booze: Magnums of Pommery Champagne

The scene: Lou Doillon, Wes Anderson, Liz Goldwyn, Leelee Sobieski, A.P.C.’s Jean Touitou, Jefferson Hack, Casey Spooner and his new hair.


i guess i knew that helen hunt, jr. has been making the scene for a while, but still? surprising? but i guess girls still just want to have fun? with wes anderson? and waris? and lou?

i like to imagine her getting ready before the party like this: 

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

P. Ugh.

margiela s/s 08

new rock boots

funky aunt bag from the moma store ("don't you just love my scarf? it's made out of recycled soda labels!"):

gareth pugh men's a/w 09

don't shoot the messenger.


YES! new tanlines video/song! bejan!

it's cut and looped clips of the red hot chili peppers. it's the best, really. and buy their stuff here, please. so so so so big for 09.


this raf simons coat is THE ONLY THING I WANT OF THIS WORLD:


my sister just said to me, "Maybe Color Me Badd will lend you theirs."


Monday, January 26, 2009

California Creaming

hello! i am back from orange county. nothing exciting to report except that my plans to wear short shorts and slutty tank tops all weekend was ruined by the weather which went from 80 degrees and sunny the week before i got there to low 60s and rainy the whole time i was there. blergh.

the highlight, besides seeing my bff lisa, was eating regional delicacies like in-n-out burger and chick-fil-a (regional to the south, but with locations in cali).

true confessionz: i fuckin' LOVE funyuns. i love artificial onion powder and i love fried corn products. so when i found out they made a flamin' hot version (being a HUGE fan of flamin' hot cheetoes), i basically creamed my pants. unfortunately:

HOWEVER, i found out that they DID sell them in cali, so...

i took pictures of myself wearing the short shorts i couldn't wear outside my hotel room and the one thing i bought on this trip (i tried to go to new high mart to try on some unitards but THEY WERE NOT FUCKIN' OPEN ON SUNDAY. LAMEZ).

Friday, January 23, 2009

More drawstrings!

i was in my car with my friend bridget one time and she was telling me about how she was dressed at some festival a couple years before. "me and candice were both wearing nylon ripstop dresses with giant funnel necks and extraneous zippers and drawstrings. we probably had our hair in bjork buns. it was very toronto '98." which is kind of the most PERFECT description i've ever heard, ever. so succint, so all-encapturing. it implies accupuncture shoes and sweater magazine and terry cloth wrist bands and so much more. 

anyways, dries is getting dangerously close to toronto '98 territory with this one. i have to say, i'm not actually that psyched on this season's collection. that said, i might come around when i see it in stores.

oh, so i'm going to cali this weekend. SHORT SHORTS AND RAPE WHISTLES, BITCHES. pics to come.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

time capsule


i just found this dude's facebook album full of 80s/90s downtown new york scene pictures (think Area, think pre-paper, think amy arbus as the original sartorialist, think ray petri buffalo.) i am seriously ejaculatory right now. i don't want to steal too many images, because they're his, but chloe sevigny in full-on raverphenalia is too good not to steal:

ummm...kate moss in r. crumb t-shirt from the marc jacobs for perry ellis GRUNGE COLLECTION?!




this one's caption says: Photographed by Peter Morello wearing Marc Jacobs first collection for Sketchbook. Styled by Walter S. for his column in NYTalk 1984.


and a picture of marc with models in his sketchbook collection!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

runway to no way

ok, i understand that runway styling is a LOT different from what ends up in the stores, etc. etc. etc. but seriously, saks. THIS is your buy from marc jacobs spring 09?

and this is how you style it?


or this??

LAMEEEEEEE. maybe it'll show up in stores instead. ugh.

my obamauration feed froze on this still:

even streaming media knows how much of a fag i am.

see also: here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

that's just like when i outgrew balanchine

i had the awesomest weekend. my friend chrissy, about whom i have previously blogged, asked me to help her style the fall lookbook for her line, CRHEE, so OBVS i dropped everything i was doing (watching 3 year old movies on tbs/tnt) and went to it. honestly, i didn't have to do very much, considering all of the pieces were AMAZEBALLS. i just lent use of my sunglasses and suggested she put button down shirts under everything because THAT'S THE ONLY STYLING TIP I KNOW.

anyways, i think the looks came out REALLY well. everything had a height-of-helmut-lang/raf-for-jil kind of feel, which i am without a doubt into (sidenote: i hope to be remembered in the future by friends who eventually drift away with a thought something like, "yeah, i used to know a guy who was REALLY into jil sander and dries and basically wore all belgian, all the time. yeah, he was weird.") it was a really nice continuation of some of the hard/soft things she was exploring in her last season, and all of it was INSANELY well executed. i was really into what she achieved with some of the geometry she employed.

here are some of my absolute favorite looks from the day:

i LOVE the the super nip-waist and the slight hip-flare of the jacket, the kinda prada-y shape with the exposed silver zipper tones down what could have been the girliness of the hip ruffles.

how fuckin' amazingly avant belgian lederhosen is that last look? it KILLED ME how good that looks. if i had ladyparts, i would WEAR THE SHIT out of that. actually, scratch that. if i could squeeze my ass into a sample size, i would have snuck that shit out in my bag to wear at a later occasion. (sidenote 2: how fuckin AWESOME is the tiny nipped in waist that raf just did at jil?! more on that to come.) (sidenote 2: we had the model, who was a doll, btw, take a couple of photos in that outfit reading a paperback copy of dune. HAHAHAHAHAHA)

this reversible dress is really beautiful:

the motorcycle vest might be my absolute favorite piece of the collection. unzipped, it looks really tough vogue paris-y stomp on your heart with insane alaia platforms:

zipped, it looks v. bondage restraint/prada men's/helmut lang when helmut lang was still designing it:

this jacket is AMAZING. really structured shoulders and sleeves that end up cascading into these diaphanous gauze-y layers that is INSANELY beautiful when it moves:

i had a super-fun time helping her out with the lookbook and i'm so psyched to see it when it comes out. the clothes were CRAMAZING and if i wasn't so proud of my masculine shoulders and could fully embrace my dainty and delicate wrists, i would wear the SHIT out of all of it. seriously. i had such a good time, especially because my friend joyce was on-set, too filming footage to go with the book. oh! and to make it even RADDER is the gift chrissy gave me for helping out, which i will debut here shortly. stay tuned...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

his suit bespoke

i just found my new suit. saville row, all the way:

it's on my amazon wishlist. CHECK ON IT.

OH, and this is the best part:

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

and i don't like the way he dances

so i just watched control last night and, dudes, ian curtis was kinda totally a jerk! it's like, dude, if you're going to fall in love with someone else and fall out of love with the mother of your child, DO THE RIGHT THING AND EITHER LEAVE ONE OR THE OTHER. DON'T FUCK AROUND WITH BOTH AND MAKE THEM INSANE JUST BECAUSE YOU'RE INCREDIBLY IMMATURE, INSENSITIVE, AND SELFISH.

and yeah, i like joy division (i kinda secretly like new order better), but being a musical talent does not allow you to fuck around with people like that. also, death is the easy way. WAY TO LEAVE YOUR CHILD FATHERLESS. i was saying to adam that his wife should have drowned their baby as a form of revenge a la joy luck club, but, in hindsight, i guess that would not have accomplished much.

oh, and one more thing:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

i want a bag that looks like an insane overgrown tumor

so thank you for that, ghesquiere.

GORGE. this look is EVERYTHING i would want to wear if the new cast member of the real world didn't make me need to take motion sickness medicine every time i watched the new season. and this season isn't even a semester at sea. 

Monday, January 12, 2009

i love you, marisa tomei

you're not afraid to go all elegant pirate to the golden globes. you have a slammin' body that won't quit (see: the wrestler (sidenote: i think every movie she's done in the last 2 or 3 years has a topless scene in it. not sure, but pretty sure. and why shouldn't they? her body is INSANE)). i've loved you since you were the original quirky airheaded foil for lisa bonet (sorry, cree):


marisa tomei: NEVER CHANGE.

swish alps

i just bought this backpack my friend peter designed:

so good! it's v. gay 70s hikers, when hikers used to wear short shorts to brave the rough thickets and poison ivy. ever since i saw milk, i've been so into looking gay 70's, it's OUT OF CONTROL. this is basically my inspiration wall:

the backpack will be an integral part, as will a bunch of tank tops that say "Stonewall -- NEVER FORGET."

Friday, January 9, 2009



babies of stars: they're just like us (me)!

he's so FUNKY



last night, kenneth doing the 'top that' rap as a warm-up for the TGS audience (thereby implicitly referencing the fact that the original teen witch, robin lively (who IS incidentally blake lively (the 30 year old from motherhood of the traveling pants 2 and some other show)'s SISTER), guest starred on the liz lemon was a mean kid in high school reunion episode a couple weeks ago) was AMAZEBALLSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. as soon as videogum or someone posts video, I WILL POST IT HERE.

ENDS UPON ENDS UPON ENDS, MY FRIENDS. so self-referential! 30 rock is basically a dave eggers sitcom.

edit: THANK GOD, lindsay posted it!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


i was watching a part of the 25 year video music box retrospective on the bridge this weekend and this came on:

DELIGHTFUL! i love music that incorporates giggle noises (see also: aaliyah's 'are you that somebody.') remember when teen rap groups were delightful and not retarded? i'm looking at you, IMx nee immature. it probably helps when your group has a young mf doom instead of roger from 'sister, sister'.

twink and country

so if you had any doubt that i wasn't a total faggot yuppie, i took a picture of adam last night sitting at our farm-style table with the new chairs we got at crate and barrel with the fake arco floor lamp we got at cb2 with some wilting tulips adam had gotten me for my birthday:

yeah, i think i am an adult now? we are thinking about reupholstering our two club chairs in grey mohair which i think would look AMAZE and have our eye on this INSANE primary yellow accent table at cb2 and are just waiting for it to go on sale.


Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Die Hard 5: All the Single Ladies

is it weird that i kind of want to see bride wars?

i hope the movie is exactly like this:

Monday, January 5, 2009

The Worst Thing You've Read in 2009

"I’m too lazy to go to the gym, so I’ll take my Les Paul out of its case and stand in front of the mirror playing a John Mayer song."

Thank you, New York Magazine.