Monday, September 28, 2009

it's already in me

guys, remember that "keep on truckin'"-in-front, cristobal-in-back jacket chrissy did for CRHEE's spring 2010 line? the one that i thought was so so so so cramazingulous?

this one?

oh yeah, well, so it comes in black. and chrissy let me wear it to the chalet one night (it was so weird, henrik viskbov was djing? BIZARRE). say hello to how i want to look for the rest of my life:

i mean, COME ON!! sorry for the poor quality pictures, but maybe it's just that my shitty cameraphone got overwhelmed by the sheer DREAMJACKETOCITY of the moment.

now one caveats about these pictures. (1) the jacket was made for a sample size, a LADY's sample size, so if it looks like my shoulders are bustin' out of it, it's because they are (would you believe i'm built like a line-backer?). when it actually gets made, i guess i'll size up. i was walking around with my shoulders hunched upwards courture-style all night, which, while very vogue hommes japan, didn't work when i was trying to do sexy asian body rolls to swedish rave music (someone at some point dropped a dance remix of 'i wanna be adored' (maybe this one?) and i dropped dead). (2) this is pre-production so i think the poof might get more exaggerated WHICH WOULD BE SO GOOD.

how good is it, though? i like how it is kind of haute (reverse) hunchback, or looks like some kind of avant tumor. ugh, CANNOT WAIT TO WEAR THE SHIT OUT OF THIS JACKET.


John said...

omg so hunchback of notre chic~

BJCG said...

It's so inverted Marjorie (ANTM?).

Also, would you be willing to practice your sexy asian body rolls on me? Kthx.

laia. said...

omg i die.

Caligula Sanchez said...

That jacket makes your shoulders look huge. I thought you were Will Demps for a second.