Friday, September 25, 2009

down down baby

i bet it's so much easier when your band consists of cute boys with of-the-moment hair cuts. case in point, the drums - let's go surfing:

the song is catchy enough (the lyrics are a little dumb, and not good simple dumb, but kinda just dumb dumb?), but i wouldn't have watched the video all the way through if i didn't think there was a chance that i would see one or both of them take their shirts off and maybe rassle on the sand. god, my life is full of teases.


Should Be On the Nanny said...

Wholly disappointed when that guy took off his shirt only to have another shirt on underneath.

Zachary said...

That show we watched once in the dorms where the two women wearing teddies fed each other strawberries and whipped cream for an hour, with no progression whatsoever, still ranks as the best thing I've ever seen on public access tv.

Caligula Sanchez said...

It sounds like they're saying I wanna go sucking