Thursday, May 28, 2009

they're the windows to my skull

inspired by kwannam's post about his new glasses, and realizing that by obscuring my face with a giant ribbon (because i'm a GIFT TO THIS WORLD), you guys who don't know me are missing out on my favorite accessories. so i thought i'd give you a look of my old glasses, my current glasses, and glasses that i have been trying to work out:

i got these prada molester glasses my 2nd year of law school, so maybe like 2005? i had seen a water color painting of them in Purple or something and i remember really wanting to look like giles deacon at the time. i've basically retired them now b/c they're a little played out so they're sitting in a drawer gathering dust. i'm sure there will be some point where they won't seem so supersaturated (one more pair and the look will crystallize out of existence), but for now i'm done with them.

these are my current glasses that i wear all the time. they're deadstock claude montana for alain mikli that i got at a sample sale for like $40. i fuckin' LOVE them. they look like glasses james spader would wear if he got cast in a documentary about kraftwerk or something. they have the owl thing going on, but they're also half metal. it's cyborg-y. the only problem is they're looking a little worse for the wear lately, which is why i'm trying to transition into these:

oversized gold rounded-off rectangular liz claiborne old lady glasses. aren't they hideous/mundane? i'm way into them. i have this dressing philosophy that is more or less this: i don't like things to be easy. so if i am wearing something really au courant, like black sausage casing jeans and an oversized demuelemeester-y top, i like to ugly it up with something hideous and out of place like these glasses. i hate when people can quickly identify my references. the only problem is that they might be TOO ugly. i can't bring myself to go out in public with them. however, i have confidence that one day, my eyes will adjust to how hideous/great they are and they will become my new glasses. WAIT FOR IT.


izzy said...

"i don't like things to be easy." ah, the mark of true style.

erin said...

love the middle pair, and feel quite sure you could work the last ones too. but a non-bow-face photo would help me know for sure!