Wednesday, May 6, 2009

i've corrected a huge mistake

ok, so based on all of your opinions, the blue nikes will be returned. it is a good thing that i bought some replacements at the acne sample sale yesterday. they're a weird blue mesh that you can see my feet through which i normally would hate but since they are so aggressively and weirdly ugly i kinda love? and they kinda look like plimsolls meets stella mccartney mesh basket shoes meets gladiator sandals?

my feet kinda of look like they're trying to escape like voldemort in the back of this dude's head. i'm WAY into them b/c they are so objectionable in every single way that all the objections cancel each other out (like all of the diseases in mr. burns' body). anyways, they go perfect with the fishnet shirt i bought at the sale to replace the one i had given away some time during my move.

i'm PRETTY excited about wearing this all the time. goes so well with my whole gay jamaiican hustler vibe i'm going for this summer. my little sister called it "very Emily Valentine." that sounds about right.


should be on the nanny said...

sooo good! I love that mesh shirt. I like how the sleeves fall. funny funny post.

Anonymous said...

i like!

brendan donnelly said...

put platforms on them

Dr. Debonaire said...