Wednesday, May 20, 2009

give it to yo mamma

i was at the gym last week and something came on that i hadn't seen in a LONG time:

and i have to say, i think i can KINDA see why some people might think burning man was cool now. stephane sednaoui makes things look really good, i have to say. also, i think these disco pants are actually way better than margiela's:



should be on the nanny said...

so true. A lot of the things going on in the video are not for beginners. Who knew a ribbon dancer could look so badass? well. I didn't. I'm obsessed with Anthony Kiedis's teeth.

darlin_virg said...

Holy hell! I hadn't seen that video in YEARS until last week. I watched it. The. Whole. Way. Through. When the video first came out I never thought anything of it. Now... well, it was pretty kick-ass.