Thursday, January 29, 2009

vaguely ethnic swan

so the hardest thing about working my super super super corporate job, besides the fact that i work at least 12 hours a day and weekends, is that i have to dress like a total square at work. which pains me as someone who's really into wearing remarkable clothing and is very very vain. this especially ruins me because i hate looking like an herb on the train. this is about as far as i can push it:

jil sander blazer / club monaco scarf / uniqlo khakis / sockman gloves / buttero shoes

this differs a fair amount from what i normally wear. to quote nelson muntz, "i feel like punching myself." one day i will have a job where i can be cool. SIGH.


Dr. Debonaire said...

i love your style. more outfit posts please. i need to be inspired lol.

May Kasahara said...

I think you look pretty damn good.

Gerry said...

As long as you're not wearing those wall street bloomer pants, you'll be just fine. Your fit is great

clairegrenade said...

this is unbelieveably chic!!!