Friday, January 30, 2009

IF/IB 4 CDG 4 H&M*

with epic, epic sadness, i missed out on all of the good stuff from the cdg 4 h&m collab, but luckily JESUS was looking out for me. jesus in the form of my friend chrissy! she gave me the most sought after piece from the collabo (for dudes) for my helping her out on her lookbook for her line, CRHEE.

SO PSYCHED! but i didn't want to wear them in the regular avant goth/gay way or look like i'm on my way to a klaxons dj set at the super super offices before the jcdc show.  so i tried to tamp down the fashion-iness of them. from worst outfit, to what i feel is best:

first i tried tech neon windbreakery:

then i tried a little sporty (michael jordan forever):

finally i settled on pacific northwest barista primal screaming among the redwoods, wearing my hiking boots i got at the thrift store in michigan and a uniqlo cable knit sweater:

i think the last one is by FAR the most successful, no? i'm kinda psyched to wear it out tonight, actually. THANK YOU SO MUCH, CHRISSY!!

ps. i just got back from the prada friends and family sale (75% off f/w 08, y'all!) and bought some crazy check jaquard-y pants. add these to the ones pictured above and the balenciaga bell bottoms, and i have started quite a collection of INSANITYPANTS.

*this is what if/ib means.


Ian Brown said...

I agree with your final decision 100%. The Seattle barista combo works really well. Even though I hate Seattle and baristas.

chrissyrhee said...

I love your avant granola look. It makes me want to listen to Mary Lou Lord. Thanks so much for the great job!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, ghurrrrl! You look amazing. Love the boots.


seaofshoes said...

Looks great on you, I love EVERY ONE of these outfits!

i <3 your insanity pants collection and cant wait to see the Pradas.

LJ said...

i loved those pants.. they didn't turn out well on moi unfortunatly, so I settled for a higher up drop crotch pants from zara!
xx-LJ from SOS!

white lightning said...

primal screaming look iS KILLING IT.

please add an insanity pants tag, theeenksss

Dr. Debonaire said...

These pants are so cool! I'm so jealous!

TheShoeGirl said...

I love your fucking pants.