Monday, January 26, 2009

California Creaming

hello! i am back from orange county. nothing exciting to report except that my plans to wear short shorts and slutty tank tops all weekend was ruined by the weather which went from 80 degrees and sunny the week before i got there to low 60s and rainy the whole time i was there. blergh.

the highlight, besides seeing my bff lisa, was eating regional delicacies like in-n-out burger and chick-fil-a (regional to the south, but with locations in cali).

true confessionz: i fuckin' LOVE funyuns. i love artificial onion powder and i love fried corn products. so when i found out they made a flamin' hot version (being a HUGE fan of flamin' hot cheetoes), i basically creamed my pants. unfortunately:

HOWEVER, i found out that they DID sell them in cali, so...

i took pictures of myself wearing the short shorts i couldn't wear outside my hotel room and the one thing i bought on this trip (i tried to go to new high mart to try on some unitards but THEY WERE NOT FUCKIN' OPEN ON SUNDAY. LAMEZ).


Dr. Debonaire said...

i love the rolled denim shorts!

the manifester said...

I thought I was the only person that liked funyuns. After last weekend, I like to think that you're the male version of me but smarter, cooler and with much better legs. Denim shorts, case in point.