Saturday, November 1, 2008

the ween reveal

ok, so here it is, without further adieu:

and after a couple hours and some interactive magic marker:

so there it is. i was a gloryhole. to be completely honest, it wasn't MY idea. my friend jenny who is a total genius came up with it a couple years ago (when i was the AIDS quilt) and fashioned it with a pizza box and a magic marker. i upped the wow factor by adding a toilet paper dispenser and mounting it on a rig (dollar store backpack). anyways, i was PRETTY happy with the results. people on the street seem impressed.

this lady was pretty impressed by it:

i saw some other lovely ladies, too (including mercedez and the enthusiast) but for some reason i didn't take that many pictures? also, i lost my wallet. blerg.


Joey said...

fucking amazing.

Anonymous said...

you went above and beyond, my friend. the toilet paper dispenser? GENIUS. i bow down to the master of costumes.

-ch. jen.

brendan donnelly said...

"steven, i'm not mad at you...i'm disappointed in you."



no hole ever had so much glory...
you really nailed it my dove.