Thursday, November 20, 2008

lead my hose in

dudes, so yesterday, i don't know what possessed me (i think it was the fact that my usual fashion consultant/talk-me-down-off-a-cliff-er is unreachable at the moment) but i bought a pair of army green suede shorts (yeah, i said it, SHORTS) at the acne sample sale yesterday. i think part of it was that i picked them up and was like, 'suede shorts? yeah right!' but when i tried them on, they looked ridicks (good ridicks) and when i was talking to the cashier dude i was like, 'ummm...these are kinda amazing.' and he was like, 'ummm...they're totally amazing.' (he was also kinda good looking). then he was like, 'i saw those and was going to buy them tomorrow if no one else did.' (likely a lie to convince someone into a COMPLETELY irrational purchase -- mission accomplished!). also, they were about 80% off of the original price. it also helped, i think, that i was wearing the perfect storm of clothing to go with them: biz caj sweater/shirt combo on top, my new favorite uniqlo striped hiking socks on bottom. it looked SO GOOD. so i bought them:

detail on the shorts:

detail on my new favorite pair of socks:

RIDICKS! obvs, b/c they're suede they hold their shape really well which is awesome because they make these weird stand-out trapezoids away from my leg that i've been digging at least since what i would have to say is still my gold standard for avant shorts, raf's s/s 07 collection:

THIS STILL LOOKS SO GOOD. also, i like that i look like i'm the adopted member of a german boy's choir singing on a scenic hill somewhere.

anyways, i'm TOTALLY PSYCHED THAT IT'S WINTER TIME because this means by the time i can actually wear them, i'll be way over them. or maybe not? i think i'm going to try and push them for winter wear but i don't know if i could actually pull it off.would it be weird to wear them with running tights and still those same socks? i will have to try this out. oh, maybe long johns?

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white lightning said...


sorry to be unable to offer guidance

but you did a STELLAR JOB without me


love johns underneath, stone gossard style!!