Friday, November 7, 2008

goddamn you, alt-fashion bloggers/retailers.

oh great. first that bitch mark ronson is dating started wearing them. now this?! this happens EVERY TIME. i'll find something totally CRAMAZING at the thrift store like these that i found two summers ago:

and then some alt-fashion type shit gets all up on that jock. AND the worst offenders are the opening ceremony ones bottom right (although the diff colors are kinda rad):

ok, i know i wasn't the FIRST non-southern gent/toddler to start wearing saddle shoes, DUH, but i wore the shit out of these every day for the last two summers (with a brief reprise for tasseled loafers, which i also can't wear anymore. to be honest, i stole from lanvin, but i digress). i went into opening ceremony and odin and everyone was flipping out over them. AND: the ones i found have an ultra-low profile just like all this new shit. BLERGH. if someone steals my idea for six inch tall jazz shoe platforms (a la french vogue), i will totally VOMS.


brendan donnelly said...

i hear ya!
i was wearing my saddle shoes a few weeks ago and some people commented on them (neg, pos) but they give me such bad blisters i had to retire them. i got them in summer and every timei wore them i got blisters. maybe it was a good thing to hang them up

Lux said...

that is probably the most infuriating thing. happenned to me before and all i wanted to do is strut around with a cardboard sign proclaiming I had them first.

Joyce said...

I got saddles because I was copying Rory Gilmore circa 10th grade at Chilton Prep. WTF?? I had them as a toddler and got them recently to emulate a school girl on a WB show and now they're at Opening Ceremony?

izzydore said...

nice buy! the earth colors make it look less cartooney.

I don't think the opening ceremonies are that bad.