Thursday, November 13, 2008

damn you, job

was in a meeting all day so i missed the joy that was comme de garcons 4 h & m this morning. finally got out and swung by, encouraged by this report. man, all the shit that was left SUCKED. i don't want some cheap-looking tiny-collared shirts. i want drop-crotched wooly shorts, assholes.



party pooper said...


white lightning said...

oh ew
so should i not even bother?


etoilee8 said...

I'm pissed at H&M for putting that stuff in such a SMALL amount of stores. 75% of the merch is on sale on eBay and I will not be buying any of it as an act of protest (and neither should any of you). Let those greedy people keep all the clothing they bought to make a quick buck off of those that simply couldn't get there to a city carrying it. I mean I'm all for eBay but this is ridiculously and completely defeats the purpose of the designer collaboration.