Wednesday, August 6, 2008

subUrbia minus parker posey and giovanni ribisi who's sister is so ugly but beck married her anyways

man, ever since someone requested it on the juke box at the blarney cove last weekend, i've been watching this video nonstop.

along with 'today' and 'perfect' and some other one from siamese dream who's name escapes me now, this is one of the few smashing pumpkins songs i really, really like. and the video is what i wanted my teenagehood in suburbia to be like but never was. i NEVER got to roll down a hill in an oversized catepillar tire OR swim in a neighbor's pool with a pretty girl in a sundress OR go to a totally sweet house party where an actually good band was playing OR so beautifully T.P. a tree OR harass a korean convenience store worker. SIGH.

in an unrelated note, the directors of this video also directed little miss sunshine? the more you know.

ALSO: this made me LOL pretty hard.


Katie said...

I love how they made James Iha the convenience store clerk.

ArchNoble said...

"Cherub Rock"?

sleepyhead said...

so ODD, because i just watched those videos yesterday.

personally, i don't think its hilton's best work.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

yeah, i just love a good/mediocre cryptkeeper joke so i kinda fell hard for it.