Friday, July 18, 2008

see, all this time i thought i had somebody down for whitney

i know it's not thursday, but i had to post this.

this is perhaps the gayest song i have ever liked in the entirety of my life. i had this strange fascination with this remix when i was just a young, fat wisp of a boy. i even had a total bit about it that i would do to entertain people where i would talk about how the song was so obviously about bobby brown that the song should be sung, "it's not right(, bobbybrown), but it's ok(, bobbybrown), i'm gonna make it anyway(, bobbybrown)." even after i found out that it was (supposedly) about jermaine jackson, i kept on doing the bit. it got THAT many laughs. oh! and the part where she sings, "then why did up on your caller iddddddddddd???" cracked me the fuck up. i love when technology shows up in r&b songs. like that destiny's child song where beyonce wants ma bell to cut the phone polls and AOL to make her e-mail stop. (you're buggin what? you're buggin who? you're buggin me and don't you see it ain't coo).

i had totally forgotten about how much i loved the ridiculousness of this song until i heard it at the gym the other day (story just got even gayer) while i was wailing on my pecs (sooo gay). but then it all came rushing back like i had just done some crystal meth and loosened myself up with some poppers.

what i loved the MOST about this remix was the video. SO MILITARY. SO SCORNED WOMAN. SO MANY CORSETS. SO JAUNTY HATS. SO MUCH NEEDLESS FORMATION DANCING. SO OVERDESIGNED: basically she took almost everything a fag could possibly like (the flashing lights approximate body glitter) in a video and crammed it in. AND, the best part: the climax of the song where she does her like 10 count whitney-hold that she could still do before the crack robbed her of her vocal cords and there are just jumps to different angles of her face screaming. CRAMAZING!!! i almost never want it to end. this is the whitney i want to remember. revenge crazy whitney, not crack crazy whitney.


Anonymous said...

this remix is so so so bad azz.

"revenge crazy whitney, not crack crazy whitney."

aren't they one in the same?

-ch. jenny

ArchNoble said...

The gallery of scorned women in the background is my favorite detail — that their wardrobe is some stylist's idea of what "normal" and "regular" women wear: turtle-necks, leopard-print blouses, and tie-dye.

See that girl in the gritty bucket-hat and over-alls? That's me, that's all of us right there.

Joyce said...

I'm pretty sure your favorite part was indeed after the pregnant pause and your impression was heavy on the "You are making a fooooooool out of me!"