Sunday, July 13, 2008

annals of beads

so, i went to my favorite store in the bead district on saturday to make myself a string of hippie beads, but then got sidetracked a bit. i ended up buying a bunch of floral grandma's teapot style beads and a bunch of jet black hot topic beads. me and my friend kate sat in madison square park and stringed them together for the necklace equivalent of arsenic and old lace. [ps. we overheard the BEST thing: this 6 year old white kid on rollerblades asked this little black kid on a boogie board (apparently with no parent in sight), "Dude, who takes care of you?"]

i'm pretty psyched on the results. it's like hippie beads meets antique shop meets goth teenager with an emily the strange bowling bag. i wore them out on saturday:

this is when i realized that this summer i dress most often like an early 90s gay morrissey fan. i have a hardbound copy of 'the apes of god' and have a bunch of keith haring prints from the pop shop. i'm basically an extra from the kids in the hall sketch, 'steps.'

which i'm obviously totally into.


elizabeth said...

you look amaze. and basically exactly like morrissey. who i only like for his early fashion sense (dead flowers in back pocket)

brendan donnelly said...

dude you need white suspenders!

hard liquor; soft holes said...

i am down for any addition that will make me look gayer/more early 90s.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

i love this day look.
those look like some dream cutoffs.

and next time you make a necklace, just go ahead and make two.