Tuesday, June 17, 2008

awwwww...look how cute!


adorable! jarvis cocker and costello or tagliapietra (i dunno which) just got married! i can't help it, i just love jarring juxtapositions. high/low, new/old, hardcore porno in rococo frames, bear/twink. it must be from all those years i pretended i was in art school. cognitive dissonance! semiotic tension!

anyways, congratulations, homos!

EDIT: oh! and he has a blog! here's a picture he posted himself:

and video!

awesome, now i can learn where they're registered. adorbs!


ArchNoble said...

Aesthetically complementary perceptions are satisfying — visually.

They're even wearing those disposable/pink Graduation Day carnations; too sweet.

hard liquor; soft holes said...

you should see the (jarvis) dude's art. most of his stuff is on the 80s queer performance tip (shooting paint out his ass as an homage to, i dunno, pollack or something). you learn so much by stalking!

boadwee blog said...

Thanks for blogging about us! I WORSHIP Jarvis Cocker so I consider the comparison a huge compliment. As for me being "80's queer...", the enema paintings were '95 and only one body of work out of 20 years of art making. That stuff got a lot of publicity but if you dig a little deeper you'll find that I've done tons of stuff since then and I'm still making work and showing.

Our wedding day was great and people have just been so loving and kind. It has really been an overwhelmingly positive and wonderful experience. You can find what I think is the best picture from our wedding at this link near the bottom of the page:


cheers! Keith Boadwee

boadwee blog said...

p.s. Those flowers are real peonies. And ain't my honey adorable?

hard liquor; soft holes said...

you're welcome! you guys are seriously the most ADORABLE couple ever. congratulations!

and sorry i pigeon-holed you as 80's-queer-art. i didn't delve as deeply as i could/should have. again, congratulations! you guys are the cutest.