Sunday, April 27, 2008

where's poliopoliopolio?

photo courtesy of the ridiculously awesome louise.
party was rad, company was TOTALLY RAD w/besos y fotos, the enthusiast, white lightning, beverly in her insane dries van notens, and brendan, mercedez, and other peeps i'm forgetting making it totally awesome. and of course our beautiful, gracious host dave black. dude this thing is starting to sound more like a blogroll than a party, but it was totally totally fun. i didn't really take many pictures so umm whatever. then i worked all weekend and did some spring cleaning. jealous??

OH, ps. while doing spring cleaning, i was clearing stuff off this easy chair i dump all my stuff on when i get home and realized that the following stuff had accumulated on the chair: a rumpled tuxedo and cummerbund, a fluorescent windbreaker crop-top, black jockstrap, the autobiography of alice b toklas, and this backpack that carmelle gave me years ago:


elizabeth said...

it's hard to say what i am doing a triple take at..."jock strap" or alice b toklas.

Beverly said...

holla at my dries! still not over your pretween on a rafting trip windbreaker.