Wednesday, April 30, 2008

sales s/s 2008

dudes, i've been swamped with work (the LAW NEVER STOPS), but it's coming up on that time. everything will be 40% off and downwards in a couple weeks, so time to start contemplating which pieces i'll be looking out for. i haven't been as vigilant as i have in the past about what stores bought what, but here's what i'd like:

balenc shorts and tiny jacket(not too crazy about the balenc men's gladiator open-toed sandals)

dries shirt

jil shorts

i saw the full length version of these jeans at den the other day but i'm afraid that the second i buy them, AA will come out with flourescent highlighter slim slacks and i'll be pissed i paid that much money for them.


wtfendi?! it's actually really good in that luxe patrik ervell lite kinda way. those shorts in the 2nd one are fairly amazing and i would wear that entire first look. the pants in the third one are totally totally totally good even if they are kinda a prada gabardine stirup pant rip off. this is from the same house who brought us these:

which i had described to a friend as looking like the kind of shoes a vietnamese stripper would buy from the 99 cent store after having just tricked her way into america and then propped up on a retarded kitten heel. who the fuck even sell's fendi men's?! i will actually be actively looking now.


brendan donnelly said...

look 4 and 7 are mine. don't bite.

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...

dries shirt.
so gay.

Beverly said...

i'm glad that you recognize that a mandal is still a mandal even if it is a balenciaga gladiator. totally dicey territory.