Wednesday, April 9, 2008


i walked by the KENNETH COLE store the other day and saw these in the window and was like HAHAHAHA, everyone's gonna think your (not mine, b/c i don't own a pair) $450 pierre hardy hi-tops are from KENNETH COLE. some dude in a ted baker pink and purple striped going out shirt, a livestrong bracelet, and rock & republic jeans is gonna come up to you and say, "nice sneaks. i have the same pair but in white. i've never seen those colors before, did you get them at the flagship store at short hills?" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

vs. these at barney's:

i cannot wait for them to come up with versions of the lanvins. unless aldo already beat them to the punch.

also: inspired by white lightning i made a spring muxtape. haven't worked out the ordering exactly right yet, but whatevs.

also: also: i'm a real live lawyer now, as of 11 am. booya!

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Anonymous said...

i saw you at the kenneth cole store last weekend, buying multiple pairs of those shoes, you liar.